January 11, 2022 Xavier Hunter

Prior to his upcoming album Flawless Like Me, Chicago rapper Lucki delivers an emphatic appetizer with WAKEUPLUCKI. The cult hero teams up with Working On Dying producer F1LTHY on a 12-track cloudy journey titled after the producer’s tag “WAKEUPF1LTHY.” Philly beat-maker F1LTHY is most notably known for composing multiple tracks on Playboi Carti’s Whole Lotta Red.

Lucki takes listeners into his world through his hazy raps with F1LTHY’s dark synth heavy beats. He finds himself often isolated and numb to pain. Using drugs as an escape from reality catapults the rapper between the spectrums of bottomless depression and euphoria. A common theme throughout the album is disassociation with the distrust of love. Lucki makes it clear on the opening track “USED 2 BE” and “STILL MISS YA.”

“You just said you loved me, I know who really love me
Thinkin’ ’bout what happened if I’m higher than I would be”

– “USED 2 BE”

The project’s lead single “NEPTUNE V.S INDUSTRY” calls out the facades and flaws of the industry while playing off his nickname “Flawless Lucki.” Both Lucki and F1LTHY are battling the tightrope of mainstream success while remaining underground.

F1LTHY’s production helps paints the picture of Lucki’s distressing and blurred consciousness. The wordplay and clever lyrics brings Lucki’s blissful trip to life. If this is the last project before his sophomore album, then WAKEUPLUCKI is the perfect way to keep fans in the loop until then.

Rating: 7.7/10


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