What you should expect from the Knicks in Free Agency?

They always say in life two things are certain Taxes and Death, since Patrick Ewing left the Knicks for Knicks fans three things are certain Taxes, Death and the Knicks underwhelming. Last year we had a glimmer of hope. We were nearly sure we would get the first pick in the draft alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie. We were finally going to have a big three, after all these years of pain and suffering it was going to all work out. Fast-forward a year later, Zion Williamson the first pick and generational superstar in the making went to the Pelicans. Kevin Durant and Kyrie who were pitched as a package deal went to Brooklyn our neighborhood rivals and basically laughed at us. The Knicks did not offer the GREATEST SCORER of all time the max contract. The best signing we had was Julius Randle. So that means another year and no playoffs for the Knicks. In a top heavy draft the Knicks got the 8th pick which basically means that it’s a bad pick. There are several stars in free agency this year. I will be grading what is the possibility of the Knicks getting them.

Gordon Hayward – Player option – He will most likely re-sign with Boston. He has not been himself since leaving Utah. 3/10 possibility of signing with the Knicks.

Demar Derozan – Plans to decline option and become unrestricted free agent. Demar Derozan has always come up small under the spotlight a solid player. He would actually be beneficial to the Knicks, the question is, can the Knicks convince him. 5/10 possibility. 

Anthony Davis – LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Just no. 0/10

Fred Vanvleet – It is just like the Knicks to give an okay player like Fred a big contract and the keys to the franchise. – 6/10.

Austin Rivers – An NBA journeyman who is a reliable, who can shoot and compliment RJ Barret. The Knicks will pursue Rivers eventually. 5/10

Carmelo Anthony – Melo was the Knicks leading star for years, a failed experiment. Melo has shown glimpse of his former self. In reality Melo’s iso game is hard to fit in today’s NBA but again it is just like the Knicks to give big money after a few good games. 6/10.

If this article seems pessimistic WHAT YOU EXPECT? I am a Knicks fan. I have no joy or hope.