New York native Taylor Belle delivered her largest body of work to date, consisting of eight captivating tracks. All unique and ethereal in their own right, the 23 year-old singer did not shy away from experimenting and giving tracks that are a direct reflection of herself.

The project guides listeners through a wide-range of emotions and sounds that resonate on a deeper wave-length. “Stardust Interlude” brings an euphoric sensation as the EP reaches its climax. “Learn Me” is a slow ballad that fully immerse listeners into the deep dive. This is her most exciting, evolved expression yet. It’s open, sensual, and powerful.

The EP arrives following the release of several singles over the past few months. It features Grammy nominated producer and artist Tank God, and also has production credits from Jahnei Clarke, Jasper Harris, Ben10k & more. The singles have already garnered success, with over 250K streams across platforms and several songs being featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds & Fresh Finds: R&B playlists.