According to Meek, Atlantic Records brought Roddy Ricch to Meek’s attention while he was in prison. Meek obviously took a liking to Roddy Ricch and co-signed him. From there, Meek alleged that Atlantic Records allowed Roddy and Meek to develop a relationship until the huge success of Roddy’s debut album came… and they separated the two artists from each other while also informing Roddy that Meek Mill was tampering with his career and contract situation. Meek claims the same situation occurred when Atlantic Records put a wedge in his relationship with Rick Ross in the same way.

Rick Ross and Meek Mill have also not been seen together in a while and this gives the fans a better picture of why. Meek also alleges that Atlantic Records also didn’t push his latest album, Expensive Pain like they should have. Sometimes fans think that the reason an artist didn’t pull a big first week sales number is because they aren’t lit anymore or because the project was “mid”, but a lot of times there are a million things going on behind the scene. Regardless of how the label may feel about what Meek has to say it is important for fans to gain this type of insight from the artists themselves.