Singer, songwriter, and producer, Dende, sat down with Lowkey R&B to discuss his latest project, Pregnancy Pack. The Houston native delivers the six-track EP with the help of Lilly Aviana (“Cheri”), Bobby Feeno (“Most Days”), Susan Carol (“S E X”), Bairi (“On The Low”), and Cam Hayden (“Thinkin Bout Me”.) Pregnancy Pack follows the singer’s 2021 album A Happy Man.

AH: Let’s talk about your latest project, Pregnancy Pack, can you explain your inspiration behind the project?

D: Honestly, it was out of friends and fans telling me that I needed to make an R&B project. On other projects, I sing and make up my own style combining R&B, Rap, and Alternative but I hadn’t made a solely R&B project before. Originally, I was going to name the project “Here’s Some R&B, Now Leave Me Alone” but I thought that was too abrasive (laughs).

AH: One of my personal favorites from the project is “Cheri” which starts off Pregnancy Pack and “S E X” which is the third track. Can you explain how you came up with these songs and how you determined the order of the tracks on the project?

D: So, when I made them they were in a completely different order. “Cheri” was always the first song which is lowkey a love song. Then, we get into the “bump and grind” songs, and then I was just like “we need to speed this up.” Basically, we just paced it and we got all the “slow stroking songs” out of the way and then we sped it up at the end. The last song we made was “Candy” which was the single. We were done with the EP (my producer Billy and I) with five songs and I said we need six so he sent me the instrumental and we made that song. He sent me the instrumental that morning and I gave him a rough cut at noon, so it was pretty fast.

AH: The lead single for the project was “Candy” which was aided with a video. Can you explain how you came up with the concept for the visual component? 

D: I have to credit the team on that one all I did was show up (laughs) which was very different for me because I’ve always done everything by myself so shoutout to them!

AH: Pharrell shared your music on his podcast “OTHERtone” how did it feel to be recognized by a superstar producer like himself? 

D: Honestly, pretty cool stuff has been happening this past year and this was probably my favorite one. Every time it happens I don’t believe it until I see it forreal. I didn’t even know it happened until I got a text from someone on the team saying, “did you see this?” I made a list of who I would want on my next album including artists and producers and Pharrell is one of the top people on the list because I’ve always wanted to work with him.

AH: Of the tracks from this project, which one is your favorite and why?

D: I have two different types of favorites. I have a favorite song to perform which is “Cheri” and my favorite song is “On The Low,” shoutout Bairi! Billy killed those instrumentals (laughs).

AH: I know you just released this project but what can we expect from you next? What’s one thing you wish to accomplish for 2022?

D: Right now, you can expect more content surrounding Pregnancy Pack. We want to put as many ears as possible on the project because Billy, the artists featured, and I killed it and put our all into this project.

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