Hi friends. It’s been a HOT SECOND since I last did one of these mostly due to my wild excursion with Dwa, Darrion, JR and the newly-minted Keith Wraith down the Eastern Seaboard. But since I’ve returned from my Last Week Was Lit hiatus, I’ve been searching for a better, more efficient way to deliver and package this column to you all. It takes a large chunk out of my Sunday to craft LWWL the way I have been and I want this series to flow well for you the reader too.

So let’s try this out. For each day there’ll be one story and maybe if it was a juicy day, there’ll be an Honorable Mention to boot.

On to your NEW recap:


5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  • The background to this happening came from the Southeastern Conference (SEC) making the ballsy move to threaten to move all champion$hip$ out of the state—aka BIG MONEY—unless they removed the Confederate emblem from their state flag.
    • Don’t you just love it how these institutions have the ability to affect change and spend all their time not doing it until now when the fire is on their ass. Mind you, we’ve been asking for the people who killed Breonna Taylor to be brought to justice and entities seem hell-bent to do everything else but that. But yeah, the clock was ticking on when they’d end up doing this once Paul Finebaum’s SEC came with the Super Smash Bros. hammer.


Now that’s a prank!

  • This is definitely a live look at dude walking back to his car after realizing he had been got by Borat. I mean, sure, if he put $50k into pranking you you’re allowed to walk with your head high but man that L has to hurt.

via NotDevinsMom


Link to petition calling for an investigation into Elijah’s death

this is elijah weatherspoon. he went boating w 7 white people on june 25th and never returned home. his body was found june 28th. the 7 white people each have a different story, and the police and media aren’t very much involved.— mh (@irisinterlude) June 29, 2020

Honorable Mention:

Having an arrest warrant from another country as a sitting president is nuts


The annual reminder of Mets dysfunction

  • I don’t know why we have to always bring up old stuff, smh, #LGM
    • Does Bobby get a ring if we win a World Series? He is on the payroll


You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask

— Twitter (@Twitter) July 2, 2020

Honorable Mention:

They done caught up to Ghislaine Maxwell, BIG YIKES


5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Part 2

  • Like I said, when the BIG MONEY decides it’s time to change, it’s only a matter of time. Mount Rushless legend Dan Snyder has dug his heels on this topic before but this issue is now above even him:
    • “Fed Ex—which sponsors and has naming rights for the stadium the Washington team plays in—released its statement after more than 80 groups and shareholders that invest in the company sent a letter to FedEx CEO Frederick Smith calling on it to ‘terminate its business and public relationships’ with the franchise because of the name. Similar letters were also sent by investors to the CEO’s of Nike (NKE), which makes [Washington’s] uniforms and equipment, and Pepsi (PEP), its snack and beverage partner.” via CNN Business

Honorable Mention:

NFL does everything to appease Black people except end Kaep’s blackballing


Still Relevant, 168 Years Later

Honorable Mention:

Sigh, what is it you’re doing now Kanye?


The Party & The After Party by The Weeknd

What You Expect?