This is a very progressive collaboration! Seeing as we typically don’t see artists collaborating with fashion brands in such a way. Jay Hollywood’s single “Out Of State” is tied into the promotional video of Bandit Studio’s latest collection. For Jay Hollywood, this continues his very active 2020. He’s released 2 projects this year, I Just Need A Light and Thee Quarantine Pack. Overall, Jay Hollywood pulls from the likes of Joe Budden. It pours out in new single “Out Of State” that features a very introspective POV over jazzy strings. Jachuku Howard, the head designer, of Bandit Studios and Jay Hollywood produced the promotional video fitting the aesthetic of Jay Hollywood’s latest single. Music and fashion are at the core of hip hop and black culture in general. I find it beautiful to see black excellence on full display with this collaboration. The music is connecting with the fans for Jay Hollywood, his streams are steadily rising and this collaboration is another great look for the DMV native. Be on the lookout for Jay Hollywood in 2021, you heard it here first.

“Jay Hollywood’s latest single “Out of State” is available now on all streaming platforms.

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