KS: David just started with the chords, and then it went on from there. He always starts with chords because if we can write an amazing song over a piano, we know it’s an amazing song before all the bells and whistles from the rest of the production are added. We knew we wanted it to be big and epic sounding and David is incredible at making atmospheric music that sounds like it could be in a movie. I feel like that’s what we did on this song.

AH: The visual for “The Game” was done in black-and-white where you can really focus on the song and the visual elements are not a distraction to the track. Was this done on purpose or did you have a different idea in mind when making the music video?

KS: No, you’ve got it spot on. Whenever I make a song that I really love, I can always picture how I want the video to be in my head and it was no different with this one. When it was done and I heard the song finished, I immediately saw the video in black and white. I saw it to be very simple, almost like a fashion film. I knew I wanted to be wearing a suit, and keep the styling very androgynous. Just like you said, I didn’t want it to be distracting from the song, because the lyrics can be interpreted in so many different ways. I wanted it to be a video that’s pleasing to the eye, but not necessarily with a big confusing storyline that would be distracting from the lyrics.

AH: If you could feature any artist of your choosing on “The Game” who would you choose? What artist do you think would fit nicely?

KS: Kendrick Lamar! Let’s think big!

AH: How is “The Game” different from your previously released singles this year “Hate You” and “Numb”?

KS: I think all these three songs work really well together and they all sound cohesive, but I think with each song they just sound bigger and bigger. “Hate You” was very chill, very R&B, “Numb” was still super R&B sounding, but with a lot of pop elements, and “The Game” takes it that one step further, it’s got elements of both, but also sounds big and epic.

AH: What can you tell fans about your EP? What are you the most excited or nervous about the release?

KS: There’s a song on there for every mood. Even though they all sound cohesive, and very much like me, they all have different elements. I explore a lot of different genres and moods, the storylines and lyrics are relatable and I just hope people love it as much as I do! I don’t feel nervous, I have worked so hard on it, and I’m so so happy with the outcome, I’ve done all I can do, and I really love this project.

AH: Where can we stream “The Game”?

KS: Everywhere, on all the streaming platforms!

AH: Where can we follow you to keep up with your upcoming EP?

Instagram – kstewartmusic

Twitter – KStewart_Music 

TikTok – katestewartmusic