Hi, it’s been entirely too long. I’ve missed LWWL. You have too, I know it. I mean where else do you get your news from? MSNBC? Fox? Elon’s Twitter? Not to worry, Ty is back. Tell your auntie.

Essentially I’ll pick three topics from last week to catch you up on and provide some two cents on now that some time has passed. I’ll also share something I found here and down the line when we start doing some vids on the Tikky, I’ll have an OATH segment. YAY!

Changes Coming to the Bird App

Oh Elon. Where do I start? Elon charging $8 for blue checks? The heavy price tag for a site that was down $270 million in profit? Or how despite flapping his gums about how ‘free speech’ was finally going to run rampant, he’s instead been on a spree suspending accounts exercising said ‘right’.

Not sure how all this is going to go and Elon himself has confessed that he’s winging it and hoping for the best.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 9, 2022

Democracy Coming to the Commies?

Don’t you just love when the long play comes together? Dan Snyder was a Founding Father of Mount Rushless. He’s a first ballot Hall of Famer when one thinks of dysfunctional sports franchise owners. A true pioneer. And to think all of this fun may be coming to an end soon.

And if that wasn’t bad enough apparently there’s heat coming Snyder’s way with all the swiftness from those pesky investigations. LWWL will be following this news for sure because it is all the rage, especially when looking at the names of who might be the Commies’ next owner…

Photo Credit: TMZ/Backgrid

Kanye South

TBH, I don’t wanna talk about this. I’m exhausted. I’m not sure what Ye’s end goal is and we’ve been down this path with him before, a little too many times to continue to give the benefit of the doubt. At some point the character you’re playing is just who we know you to be. The Rock is the The Rock. Whether he’s in the WWE ring or outside of it.

That’s the same thing here. After many speculated that his latest tirade and shenanigans were a ploy to get out of his deals, he turns around and heads to Skechers HQ???? And now, Adidas is saying it’s above them now and they’re moving forward with these swanky designs they have in the tuck.

Looks like Sway had the answers all along, but if you ask me it seems like Ye clearly doesn’t feel capable of going the independent route here. Which is really sad because all this damn talent and you’re still outchea dying for YT validation. Hmph!

RIP Takeoff and Aaron Carter

I don’t have words for Takeoff’s passing. I was, and still am, very frustrated and disappointed in our people. Obviously, yes, this happens nationwide everyday to real Black folks that aren’t famous entertainers. And things should change across the board but we know that’s a loaded, nuanced thing that we don’t have the time to get into right this moment.

But man, there’s something about when you make it out. And especially to be such an unproblematic dude too. Migos’ impact on music, the hip-hop scene in Atlanta, and Takeoff’s particular role in their existence; all of this is just painfully sad.

The same – albeit different context – can be said for Aaron Carter’s passing. I was not super up to date on all his struggles and what his upbringing consisted of but it is absolutely tragic that he was unable to get through the tunnel to the other side and overcome all the adversity he faced. 28 years old and 34 years old, just so young. The older I get the more I feel like damn there’s just certain ages people should get blessed to get to. My prayers and condolences goes out to their family, friends and loved ones.

Things I Found

These bad foods will catch up to you at some point. This scared me for sure, so best believe the lunch for the next week is gonna be on point lmao!

. This scared me for sure, so best believe the lunch for the next week is gonna be on point lmao!