Coming off of Election Day, most of the conversation happening now appears to be this grand referendum on the state of America right now. We’ll take a little break from all of that to chat about some politics fun, a Brittney Griner update, aging in hip-hop and a two-parter for Things I Found: dating app data telling us what we already knew about society and the ever so important Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue.


Damn not them turning on Donnie Diamondz. It was all good just a week ago! I would be very sad if this happened because I’ve gotten my popcorn ready for Trump vs DeSantis.

It is nice that the Good Ole Party can move away from overt racism and bigotry and return to the subtle nastiness the Black delegation is used to. I do fear that the Republicans might find it a bit harder than expected to part with Trump, because who doesn’t love a charmer! Such a personality, how could you say no?!

If DeSantis is truly the candidate this party wishes to rally behind, the GOP will need to prep him on how to deal with a schoolyard bully.

Wait there’s also this…

Uh… you did what now?

— Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) November 11, 2022

Free Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner has been moved to a “remote penal colony”, whose exact location is apparently “unknown”. This entire situation makes me sick imagining what this experience must be like for Brittney. To go from being one of the biggest prospects in WNBA history and an important trailblazer off the court, to being imprisoned in a foreign country with no real outlook on when you might be coming home has to be mind-blowingly unbelievable. Expecting anything from politicians is a silly proposition but I pray there is some relief and some HOPE than can come to Griner on a shorter timeline of finally coming home.

Hip-Hop Hooray!

As maddingly disgusting as it is to constantly be lamenting the passing of yet another young Black superstar in the hip-hop community, there is a silver lining when looking at how aging rappers are getting their well-deserved flowers.

Nas’ third installment of the King’s Disease series is out and those both well aware and uninformed are in awe that the Queens-born emcee continues to age like wine.

Snoop Dogg is next in line to have his story grace theatres with the upcoming release of his biopic. This is utterly insane. Forget his association with smoking weed – and how vilified this was for Black people specifically during Snoop’s rise – he had an entire murder case attached to his name! It is remarkable that this was THE hip-hop figure to truly transcends the genre across households and social groupings.

Given last week’s more depressing news, it is heartwarming to know there is still a space for our elder statesmen. Other music genres have legacy acts that get to eat forever off their nostalgic hits. Whereas it seems as if only in hip-hop is there a rush to be “out with the old and in with the new”. Glad to see two legends getting their praise and adulation while they’re still here to receive it.

Things I Found

Dating Apps Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud

this dating app data from facebook dating is CRAZY

— leo thee afro-arakki (@arakkisuperstar) November 10, 2022

Chappelle’s SNL Monologue