D: I’m Dende from Katy, Texas. If you don’t know where Katy is, think Houston and then it’s like 30 minutes away. My sound is honestly a mixture of hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul. When I want to tell people what I sound like I say if your favorite rapper was even better at singing and that’s what I sound like.

AH: “Round Trip To Atlanta” is most definitely an R&B strip club anthem that embodies the “flewed out” culture. What was your inspiration behind the track?

D: “Round Trip to Atlanta” is a song about me falling in love with a stripper and me wanting to go to crazy lengths to see her again such as booking a round trip just to come to see her. But what some people don’t know is that I just got out of a relationship and that’s how I ended up in the strip clubs so it might be setting up some end of relationship music honestly. Honestly, once you’re in a strip club you start talking to the dancers and you come to kind of start liking them because they are cool people and they understand you as an artist because they kind of have the same lifestyle as I did when I wrote the song. They have the same schedule: up all night, sleep during the day, and then go back to it. Nobody sees what you do as work but reaps the benefits.

AH: If you were to add a guest verse to this track who would you like to add?

D: If I was gonna add somebody to this it would definitely either be Smino or T-Pain. Those are the features I want for this song.

AH: Did you write “Round Trip To Atlanta”? If so, how was the writing process? 

D: Yeah I wrote the song and it wasn’t that hard to write. I’m not gonna lie to you I kind of just was thinking about how I felt and I used actual details like I did meet a dancer that wanted to be a DJ. She is a DJ. I really just wrote from experience.

AH: What is your favorite lyric from “Road Trip To Atlanta”?

D: My favorite lyric is probably “up down left right that ass a cheat code.” I like it so much because I was basically paying homage to one of the people I said I would want to get on the song which is Smino. He has a similar lyric in a song where he talked about a cheat code and I just liked it a lot so I put it in there.

AH: How is “Round Trip To Atlanta” different from your other songs?