Trust me our black youth is way more aware than our parents generation. A courtroom in Tampa, Florida was shocked after a 19-year-old black teenager requested to be tried as a white teenager or at least a white man for him to stand a chance inside the courtroom.

Sean Jackson was appearing in court for gun charges and refused to plead before the judge and jury accept his conditions. Jackson said he wanted to be tried as a white teenager and if they can’t give him that they should at least try his as a white man who has a similar record as him.

Jackson believes that he was going to be put in jail simply because of his color and he brought a bunch of historic cases that were similar to his and for people with the same records as he has. Jackson presented cases where a white people were given probation, house arrest, and community service while the black boys and men were given harsh sentences and thrown to jail.

“This data shows that if I go into this trial as a black man I am definitely going to jail. I would like for the judge and jury to study these past cases so they can release that no matter how I plead I am going to be found guilty and given a sentence that is considered fit for a black man by this justice system. So I would like to plead as a white boy or a white man and be tried as such”. -Sean Jackson.

The court is yet to respond on whether or not Jackson can be tried as a white man or not but we need to give Sean Jackson his flowers. He highlighted a system that is rigged against people of color. I hope he is given a second chance and a University gives him a scholarship to become a lawyer. Wishful thinking!