glibs (stylized in lowercase) is showing his vulnerability in his new single “Soft Spot.” The melodic track finds him still yearning for a past relationship despite it coming to an end. The California Institute of the Arts grad got his start as a producer and decided to put his voice to the test—and let’s just say it works. The “terrifying” leap was worthwhile as his gentle tone floats over the soft melody as his lyrics set fans up for a summer of lust ignited by an old flame. By the end of this song, you’ll definitely have a “soft spot” for glibs.

Listen to “Soft Spot” here and take a look at our conversation with glibs below:

AH: When did you decide to get into the music industry?

G: When I was 15, I decided to get my toes wet by releasing music I was working on in my bedroom.

AH: How was the transition from being a producer to putting your voice at the forefront?

G: This transition was TERRIFYING, especially on release day. But I kept at it and started to find my voice. My production started to grow along with it as well.

AH: What advice would you give to someone seeking to make that transition?

G: I’m an advocate for pushing your own limits. Good things come from doing so.

AH: You attended the California Institute of the Arts, what did you major in and how did it help you refine your skills?

G: I graduated with a BFA in Musical Arts. Studying different music cultures and music theories helped expand my knowledge of music, and I was able to apply all of that to my own work.

AH: Let’s talk about your newest single “Soft Spot.” How is this song different from your previously released single “What I Want”?

G: “Soft Spot” is not the type of song that’s gonna make you smile. This is the other side of the coin to “What I Want.”

AH: What was the inspiration for “Soft Spot”?

G: I wrote this song out of frustration and heart aches. When you’re deeply connected to somebody, you know when that feeling is off between the two of you, and this song is about that painful feeling.

AH: Did you produce “Soft Spot”? If, so how was the production process?

G: I produced this track in my apartment at the time. I laid down the keys and the drums, and it gave me this somber feeling to go ahead and spill out some tough emotions of mine over it.

AH: Did you write “Soft Spot”? If so, how was the songwriting process?

G: Yes, I write all my music. This song particularly flowed easily. I really needed a way to express my feelings at the time.

AH: What is your favorite lyric from “Soft Spot”?

G: “How come every time I write a song it ends up being bout you?”

AH: Will there be a visual for “Soft Spot”?

G: I’m working with an animator who is making a visualizer for this track.

AH: If you could add any feature to “Soft Spot” who would you want to have jump on the track?

G: Tems. She would add a nice melodic touch, even just doing background vocals.

AH: Will “Soft Spot” be a standalone single or a part of a larger project?

G: Yes. “Soft Spot” will be a part of a larger project.

AH: Where can follow you to keep up with your music?

G: Follow me on Spotify @glibs, IG @mttyiceberg, and check out my website