2022 displayed hip-hop’s wide array of talent from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Joey Bada$$, NBA Youngboy, Future, and Vince Staples. Many of the game’s staple artists released projects that will be remembered over time. Let’s take a look at this year’s standouts.

Top-25 Albums

25. BabyTron – Megatron

BabyTron has proven his stardom in the Michigan world of hip-hop over the past two years. His witty bars and kill-mode mentality has landed him among the best new artists in the genre. From freestyling over numerous famous rap cuts to shit-talking over Harry Potter soundtrack music, this guy has done it all. But Megatron is his most concise project to date, chalk-full of Unky in the kitchen bars and different sounds that he dominates so effortlessly. His best moments come from tracks like “Beyond Turnt”, a gritty shit-talking track where he makes you feel like you need to be doing better. “You don’t know your damn pills, boy that’s an Advil.” His flows continue to be unorthodox, “Mr. Do The Dash” doesn’t give the production a chance to stand alone, he is straight bars. “God Tier” continues the art of shit talk “How the fuck you a burger, you ain’t got no bread.” Even in 23 tracks with a little over an hour of run-time, he stays focused.

– BV

24. Quavo & Takeoff – Only Built For Infinity Links

Having a Migos album without Offset will always feel like something is missing, but Quavo and Takeoff carried a strong presence throughout Only Built For Infinity Links. Right out the gate on “Two Infinity Links” Quavo addressed the troubles within the group prior to the duo’s release. Unc and Phew presented “HOTEL LOBBY” as a great appetizer. The duo runs pick-and-rolls throughout the projects 18-tracks. The OutKast flip on “Bars Into Captions” is another example of the genius within Migos. Many fans, including myself, could only image if Offset had a verse. Takeoff’s one of a kind cadence and lyrical wordplay lead the album’s many bright spots. His tremendous talent commanded the spotlight and he will always be remembered.

– XH

23. Redveil – learn 2 swim

If you were to ask me if the 18 year-old from Maryland would end up on my lists of top 25 albums I would’ve never seen it through. Redveil was seen as young potential in 2020 from Niagara and gaining notoriety through his argument with Anthony Fantano. His star has shined brightest on Learn 2 Swim, show-casing his best flows, production choices and focus on self-victory. The introduction brings an intense focus of maintaining and not succumbing to the negativity that dominates his surroundings. He has a grown-up sense to him despite his age. It’s not unrealistic thoughts for him, just trying to win in the lane he is in, reflecting on the good and bad. “pg baby” promotes the hustle in him since his youth, needing to make it out and doing so with conviction. The production is full of life, which helps Redveil find his energy speaking on the trials and tribulations of his young life. 


22. Denzel Curry – Melt My Eyez See Your Future

Denzel Curry’s career has been somewhat slept on compared to his 2016 XXL Freshman Class members. Yet Curry’s dynamic talent and strong fan base is what ranks him among his peers. His fifth studio album Melt My Eyez See Your Future blends together each of the elements in his arsenal. His lyrics and flow pack the punch, but it’s the production that accelerates the album’s motion. JPEGMAFIA and Thundercat also make production cameos. The deep cut “Ain’t No Way” with Rico Nasty, JID, 6LACK each share their stories with fame. Curry terrifically shows versatility from “John Wayne” and “The Last” to “X-Wing.” The deluxe version features re-editions performed by Cold Blooded Soul. Curry cements himself as a highly respected MC in this generation with this album. Just like every one of Curry’s releases, it leaves you excited for his next adventure.

– XH

21. Domo Genesis – Intros Outros and Interludes

Domo Genesis always took the backseat when it came to popularity in the Odd Future group. Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean always stood at the forefront for their individual talents. However, Domo would not be denied on this album produced solely by Evidence. He’s always sounded hungry, like he was doubted his whole life and what he could present to the genre. This album is a game-changer for the Inglewood rapper as he sounds more confident. You can hear it on the very beginning of “Don’t Believe Half” on rinsing his demons and knowing they couldn’t fuck with him. His flow comes natural to him on “Trust The Process”, locked into his process of spitting bars. There are so many bars you can hear him rap with vigor like on “Stay One More Day”, which loops over and over. The album glides together perfectly, with Domo riding each beat comfortably. It’s light-work for him, and showing he can revel in success with the dustiest of rappers. 

– BV

20. Nas – King’s Disease 3

Nas and Hit-Boy continue their prestigious run with the final edition of King’s Disease. With the previous two earning high praise and Grammy nominations, KD3 serves as a toast to the duo’s success while keeping their foot on the gas. Nas has been running strong for decades, but he is continuously growing and elevation. New words, new flows, new sound, yet the same Nas in his essence. The beauty of The Five Heartbeats sample on “Legit” further proves how Nas and Hit-Boy are like “Michael and Quincy.” Simply put, it’s difficult to argue against Nas.

– XH

19. Joey Bada$$ – 2000

It felt like a distant memory when talking about Joey Bada$$’ music career. It seemed he had moved on to greener pastures in entertainment. In an effort to reach back into his New York roots that brought out the classic mixtape 1999, the sequel 2000 brought back that fire. That 17 year-old that had wide-eyed vision, has now fully sought out those dreams. He sounds more inspired to get back into the art that started it all for him, rapping with interest rather than natural instinct. You can hear how crisp the flows were on “Make Me Feel”, where he hits the pocket of comfortability. It’s refreshing to hear confidence from Joey, displaying braggadocious raps on the stoop of New York. His conviction continues on tracks like “Where I Belong”, “Zipcodes” and “One Of Us”; the latter of tracks features one of the best Larry June verses. His softer tracks come off shockingly well like “Cruise Control”, which is just a soothing ballad. “Show Me” is another track that makes you feel like you are floating on clouds, with surprising smooth vocals from Joey. However, “Survivors Guilt” is the track that pulls at the heart-strings, dealing with the death of Capital Steez and his cousin. It’s a somber end to the album, but perhaps his most moving track really getting an understanding of who Joey Badass is. 

– BV

18. Babyface Ray – FACE

The rise of Babyface Ray has been a pleasure to witness. The Detroit hip-hop scene as a whole to be completely honest. The January release of FACE catapults Ray in the mainstream while remaining to his core. 808 Mafia, ATLJacob, and SpaceTheWizard create some of the album’s best instrumentals to Face’s lyrics on advice, money, and life. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard Space’s tag “I just need my space right now” this year. Fellow Detroit native Icewear Vezzo makes an appearance along with surprising features from Pusha T and Wiz Khalifa. What stood out to me was 42 Dugg‘s verse on “Let Me Down.” The grit and gradual aggression in Dugg’s voice with his sharp lyrics on “Let Me Down” nearly resembles the style of Tupac. 2022 was a staple year for Babyface Ray with the release of FACE, MOB, and his multiple guest verses. Prepare to continue to see his meteoric rise as an artist.

– XH

17. Fly Anakin – Frank

Virginia has many talented artists, but at the top of the list is Fly Anakin. He has dropped plenty of work for the world, but this being his solo debut really proves his talent in hip-hop. Anakin fits somewhere in between the dusty scene and the cool-dude scene of rap; he is fly as hell, while rapping over these dark beats that you could find someone of the Roc Marciano’s penning a story of the grimiest dudes moving weight. He has such a natural relaxing self-assurance to his personality. But his cadence and production were the standouts on this album. The intro song “Love Song (Come Back)” has his voice puncture your ear while it sounds like you are just waking up from a deep sleep. The loops on the next track “Dontbeafraid” has Anakin and Henny L.O. finding new ways to flow on what seems to be an awkward beat to catch. He continues to find work for the reoccurring friend Pink Siifu, while also putting on for Virginia and the Mutant Academy adding features Nickelus F and Big Kahuna OG into the mix as well. While there isn’t an overall meaning in his albums (as is normally the case) Anakin just produces fly raps that tranquilize the mind. He is a great rapper who wears influences on his sleeve but doesn’t copy them in any way. 

– BV

16. Youngboy Never Broke Again – 3800 Degrees

The over-saturation of an artist can get to a listener at a certain point. Hell, it can get to an artist at a certain point. That isn’t the case for NBA Youngboy, especially late into the year when 3800 Degrees was released. He doesn’t change his sound for anyone, however he can make more inspired renditions of his art. Coming in on his fourth album in 2022, he brings it back to his Louisiana roots, clearly inspired by Juvenile with the album cover and title. Youngboy will always be brazen, that is just in his nature. But when you get a concise 13 track album, that changes the playing field for what Youngboy can really do. His change-up on flows and provoked tone on “Won’t Step On Me” is the exact vibe that got him the massive internet fanbase that he accrued. “Pimpin A Bitch” brings that off-beat flow to the point where you feel like he is just getting aggressive with you instead of rapping. It’s like the aura of Louisiana entered his psyche and he has to let off some steam. He is cutthroat for the entirety of the album. “Choppa On My Shoulda” stings in vitriol, ready to kill anything that would disrupt him from finishing this song. No track speaks for itself like “Amped Up”, the beat gets you ready for a hazardous situation. When Youngboy locks in for a whole album there aren’t too many rappers that can create entertainment and violence like this young man. 

– BV

15. Latto – 777

Latto lets it be known that she is here for a long time and not a good time through 777. The two-part album-titled track displays Latto’s presence that sets the tone for the entire project. The chart-smashing single “Big Energy” carries great weight, but Latto’s ability to not be boxed in sends a stronger message. She stands toe-to-toe with Kodak Black, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage. Her range from pop, R&B, and rap delivers tracks for her core fans and newcomers. Latto is on the pursuit to superstar status if she continues her successful path. This year, she was named BET and Billboard’s Best New Artist and aims to capture that same title at the Grammys.


14. Roc Marciano – The Elephant Man’s Bones 

Could there be a better duo than The Alchemist and a dusty rapper? The answer is no. This time around, Alchemist gets together with elder-statesman of New York Roc Marciano. It was pretty much undeniable that once this duo joined powers it would create one of the best albums in hip-hop. Their underground nature collects some of the best rap records of the year, starting with “Rubber Hand Grip” where the dark, airy beat intertwines with Marciano’s mystique of a haunting character in the shadows. Throughout the album, Marciano’s flows and bars are as sharp as ever, like his talents were destined for a time like this. “Quantum Leap” brings out a bit of dark-humor over a calm beat with him saying “I made murder sexy”. Alchemist makes his production into a Goodfellas movie, suitable for any rapper who is looking to get their braggadocious flow off. “Bubble Bath” reminds me of sitting in the back of a bar with cigar smoke consuming the air. The album cover of The Elephant Man’s Bones motivates Alc to get artistic with his sounds, like on “Zig Zag Zig” where the glossiness of the piano keys come to play. The features shine as well, starting with Action Bronson on “Daddy Kane” being on his mafioso vibe of his usual food and wealth topics. “Trillion Cut” offers a great Boldy James verse as he used to working with the producer who has self-produced a few of his projects. This was a home-run of an album that we all knew would come to fruition. It was undeniable. 

– BV

13. Boldy James – Mr. Ten08

You could have picked any of Boldy James’ projects this year to put on the list, but his best one came right at the buzzer with producer Futurewave. There truly is nobody more consistent in hip-hop than the Detroit rapper. His deep-voice and consistent cadence always make for cinematic gangster jams, but to do it five times in a year is absurd. The introduction “The Whole Hundro” a super groovy track where his flows are tight and the flexes are everlasting, “Eatin’ Chickendales off the crab, V12 Benz Parked it on the grass in the field, Sprewell spins.” Boldy and Futurewave seem to want to stay away from the drums as much as possible, rapping over jazzy sounds on “Smacked” or the soul sounds of “My Double Trigger.” The 39 year-old still finds himself at the top of the dope game on the darker “Disco Fever”, making tricky moves as each situation gets worse. Boldy and Futurewave clearly agreed to make sure not a single sound is repeated, playing glossier music that gives you butterflies. One thing stays the same, his voice stays as calm and collected as possible, displaying confidence that he is the best at barring you up and down. It feels like just another day in the office for Boldy James, as if he knows he is employee of the month again. It’s always been quality over quantity, but he has mastered the art of both. Variety of sounds plus consistent performances that never feel stale. 

– BV

12. Kodak Black – Back For Everything

Kodak Black makes his declaration loud and that he is indeed Back For Everything. Troubles has held Kodak back from taking the stage as one of the top rappers in the game today, but Kodak’s 2022 said otherwise. Kodak is in a different space following his release from jail last year. Catchy flows with hazy production molds Kodak’s epic return. He’s letting all clips out of the chamber and is only getting started. “Purple Stamp” and “Elite Division” shows Kodak’s ability to gravitate you. “Super Gremlin” is no doubt one of the top songs of the year and this was a bonus track. With the album’s release, the success of “Super Gremlin,” and his appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, Kodak is going full throttle on his second chance.

– XH

11. Drake & 21 Savage – Her Loss

Drake and 21 Savage’s collab album Her Loss simply illustrates the art of luxurious flexes as Brandan put it. The duo is by far no strangers to working together but this full project is an evolution of their past tracks. Drake takes the lead role, but that doesn’t necessarily make 21 the number two. Both emphasized how much of a collaborative effort it was and it shows through the many mirrored verses and back and forth tagging. Lil Yachty‘s cadence and sound is used on album bright spots “Major Distribution” and “Jumbotron Shit Poppin.” Her Loss shows 21’s immaculate growth as an artist as he is able to provide exactly what each song needs. The way Drake transitions the dreamy “Hours In Silence” into a shadow of “Jaded” is what stood out to me the most. The two put their rap genius on display on their solo tracks “Middle Of The Ocean” and “3AM on Glenwood.” Over time, Her Loss will stand out as a top project in both Drake and 21’s discographies.

– XH

10. Smino – Luv 4 Rent

It was a long-time coming for Smino to drop an album to honor the city of St. Louis. He had taken some time to bolster his catalog and it was well worth the wait, dropping a self-reflection on the good and bad times growing up in his city. He honed his craft of rapping and singing on funky beats with the numerous voice inflections that brought light to each emotion he was feeling. His main topics tend to include thoughts on romance, family and the success he has gained through his hard-work in the music-sphere. You get immaculate cookout vibes on the party bop “No L’s”, perfect for riding in the car with the top down. There is such a tranquil vibe to Smino, even when touching on emotional moments, like on “Modennaminute”. His mind is thinking at a rapid pace about a former lover, but his voice is just way too chill about it. The deep cuts is where the record gets special, such as “Louphoria” where the airy production takes us into Smino’s attempt at escape of life. “Blu Billy” showcases his best flows on the whole project, talking about the hustle to get to this point in life. There is a moment in time where his reminiscing turns toxic, finding himself in a hole on “Garden Lady”. With his most focused project yet, Luv 4 Rent brings his best vocals and raps in his young career. 

– BV

9. Saba – Few Good Things

Saba has one of the calmest voices in hip-hop, bringing the feeling of floating on a bed of clouds when listening to him harmonize. He had the whole world at a stand-still when he dropped his debut CARE FOR ME back in 2018. It brought out the sadness he was feeling of his cousin passing away, detailing the cold-hearted nature that Chicago brings. But it’s also a reminder that he is the man who saved his whole family from poverty. There seems to be a bit of serenity surrounding him on this album, like on “Come My Way” featuring the legendary Krayzie Bone. It’s peaceful production and verses have you drifting down a ravine, admiring the glistening waters and babbling brooks. The trio of Saba, Smino and 6LACK shine on the very next track “Still”, coming to grips with the reality of the situations surrounding them. Saba’s super power of calming vocals and rapid flows spark the whole album. “Soldier” is easier to digest when hearing the cruelty of violence that comes from Chicago as told by Saba and the Pivot Gang. There is a lot of outdoor nature to this album as well, imagining the Chicago rapper laying on a hammock reminiscing on his younger days. His story-telling of the Windy City’s monstrous moments have made Saba who he is, and it made some of the most peaceful raps in 2022. 

– BV

8. Gunna – DS4EVER

Gunna had the world “pushin P” and was bound to witness the success of DS4EVER if it wasn’t for the arrest of him and Young Thug. Gunna carries the momentum of WUNNA and Slime Language 2 to show why he’s one of the best architects in the game. Producers Wheezy and Turbo paint the spacious trip as Gunna causally floats over their beats. Gunna’s discography continues to strengthen after each release as DS4 brings together the nostalgia of its prior editions with his present creations. The #FreeYSL campaign showed the mass of Gunna’s fanbase, but unfortunately may have overshadowed the greatness of this album.

– XH

7. JID – The Forever Story

JID shares stories of himself and his family on The Forever Story while showing why he is Dreamville’s Swiss army knife. The scrappy Atlanta rapper goes squares up with hip-hop’s finest Yasiin Bey, Lil Wayne, Lil Durk and 21 Savage. His strong wordplay and creative punchlines illustrate family stories that we all can relate to a degree. Along with labelmates EARTHGANG, they go through an adventurous rap racetrack that commands you to respect their skillset. JID is one of the most skillful artists today, and The Forever Story plants him as Dreamville’s superstar.

– XH

6. Earl Sweatshirt – SICK!

When you think of Earl Sweatshirt, your mind goes to gloom and doom. He was a depressed fellow who hated the outdoors and people all the same. All Earl can do is stay cooped up inside and ponder over the darkness that was surrounding him. While this new album SICK! Still sticks to that same image, it shines a bit of relief on life’s outcomes. You hear him at his most ambitious with cleaner production that still suits his style perfectly. “Old Friend” starts off dark, speaking on the pandemic and how he warns the listener that staying inside is the best option. Yet, Earl finds it in himself to actually flex about making it out the mud and recalling back to times with his mother on “2010”. Dare I say, there are signs of optimism throughout this album like on “Vision” where he speaks on skipping the hellhole and standing still on the clear path he is on. Obviously not everything is glass half-full music, “God Laughs” embarks on the passing of his grandfather and how his emotional tank is low. Earl is able to close this small chapter on “Fire in the Hole”, realizing the greener pastures and giving shoutouts to the homies closest to him. SICK! Provides his most optimistic view on life, it’s reflected in his energy and production choices. It’s a simple story of checking on your mental health and giving yourself another moment to get through it. 

– BV

5. Pusha T – It’s Almost Dry

The self-proclaimed Cocaine’s Dr. Suess delivers the dream album fans have wished for with 12 tracks produced by Kanye West and Pharrell. Pusha T finds new ways to talk about drug dealing and it’s refreshing through every lyric. The goal was for Pusha to create an album that will be album of the year and nothing less. There’s no arguing that he accomplished that by once again being nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys and being named Rolling Stone’s Best Rap Album. Single “Neck and Wrist” includes another timeless verse from Jay-Z. Pusha also reunites with his brother Malice as he teases a possible Clipse reunion. Pusha T wants the throne as the best rapper and will stop at nothing to do so. Here, he adds another classic to his solo run.

– XH

4. Rome Streetz – Kiss The Ring

Just when you think that Griselda couldn’t garner anymore talent, here comes Rome Streetz. If you listen to his music, he is synonymous with New York and the likes of the best lyricists such as Biggie Smalls & Jay-Z. And how could he not be? Rome grew up in their backyard of Bed Stuy. He is entrenched in New York City culture. Being his debut of being signed to Griselda Records, it only made sense the record was curated by one of the best ears in hip-hop Westside Gunn. You can hear the influence right from the jump with “Big Steppa” a murky track that makes its mark of a violent flow and trap lyrics. Rome’s voice is firm, clearly influenced by the 90’s of New York’s finest rappers. “In Too Deep” would have fit perfectly to the dustiest of spitters as Conductor Williams feeds Rome the easiest opportunity to flex his mindset of needing to touch Warren Buffet money. Above all else, the 36 year-old proves that he has the capability of rapping over beat. The experimental and awkward beat of “Ugly Balenciaga’s” only makes Rome lock-in more, knowing one slip-up could ruin the whole track. The flows and rhyme schemes are as consistent as Adrian Peterson’s Minnesota Vikings run, powerful and consistent. You can’t take him off track from where his sights are set. Of course the album has Griselda guests that only make it almost more competitive for Rome to out-bar the person next to him. Conway the Machine, Stove God Cooks, Benny the Butcher, Armani Caesar, Boldy James and Westside all add to the atmosphere that is created. Rome Streetz made his mark on this album, he has no let-up in his bars and production only make his stories more perceptible.

– BV


2022 was the year Future hit a renaissance. From “pushin P” with Gunna and Young Thug, and the release of I NEVER LIKED YOU, to starring in Metro Boomin’s “Heroes & Villains,” there was no escaping Future. Pluto’s 10th studio album nearly serves as a revitalization from High Off Life. If you could incorporate every facet of Future’s artistry into a collection, it would be this album. Slick, boastful raps, and heart-turning melodies create the legend of Future and that is shown in its 22-tracks. I NEVER LIKED YOU debuted No. 1 on the Billboard charts earning Pluto’s eight number-one album. “WAIT FOR YOU” captured the hearts of the world with assistance from Drake and Tems. Alter-ego Future Hendrixx made another appearance during the trippy “LOVE YOU BETTER.” Future’s unique voice and sound trailblazed hip-hop over the last decade and this year, Future received the recognition and flowers he deserves.

– XH


There has always been an on-going joke with Vince Staples that he raps over robot beats. While they were all ridiculous, he never shied away from experimenting with his production choices, rapping at an elite level all of the same. However, the one knock you could’ve had is the story-telling could get a little messy or lost in what he was rapping over. Ramona Park Broke My Heart is that focused album people were waiting for. Staples newest work provides clarity on what has made him paranoid from the last project. It’s not the same place that you used to be a safe space or claim proudly. The first few tracks do show positivity of what he’s made of the situation he was dealt. “AYE! (FREE THE HOMIES)” give Vince a chance to celebrate what he’s made of himself. He is the trophy in the hood, he knows he came a long way from his circumstance. “MAGIC” stays in the same vein, thankful of wealth and what Ramona Park made out of the kid. But things get gloomy on “WHEN SPARKS FLY”, making an ode to the gun that protected him for many years. “EAST POINT PRAYER” is a rare sing-rap track from Vince, that features Lil Baby who is more than prepared for the assignment. Staples doesn’t waste a track, finding production that provides context to his desperate measures he is dealt with. “SLIDE” portrays a highly intense war going on outside, with backgrounds of fireworks and gunshots surrounding him. “LEMONADE” and “PLAYER WAYS” transition smoothly from an up-tempo, sunny rap track to a melancholy look at his ways of women. Staples has made some of the best rap music of his career, providing clear storytelling of his background and production that makes you feel like you are in the park that broke his heart. Vince’s vision is vivid. 

– BV

1. Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar sent the world a warning shot on Baby Keem’s “Family Ties”, and the countdown to his return began. 1,855 days since the release of DAMN. blossoms the introspective Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Kendrick reflects on himself and the shifting changes in the world that occurred throughout the last few years. Fans have been wondering what has been going on in Kendrick’s world in his absence. Writer’s block, living without a phone, and self-disocvery leads to this raw exposition. Bone-chilling tracks such as “N95”, “Worldwide Steppers” and “Father Time” blend effortlessly with the free-flowing “Die Hard” and “Rich Spirit”. The album serves as a mirror to KDOT as he puts himself out in the open revealing childhood traumas and family stories. Even in concert, the theme of the show was to “Help Mr. Morale Get Out of the Box.” Getting out of the societal box along with the shell of his former self. At the end, Kendrick finally chooses himself first. Having Kodak Black make cameos throughout the album surprised many. He even addressed some people’s questioning on “Rich (interlude)” about him being with the legendary K-Dot. Kendrick’s return is similar to Michael Jordan’s comeback in 1995. The double-disc album marks his final project with TDE. With the help of Baby Keem, Kodak Black, BLXST, Summer Walker, Ghostface Killah, Sampha, and Tana Leone, K-Dot’s TDE curtain call ends with a Kobe Bryant mic-drop. Now, we await on the next stage in Kendrick’s career.

– XH

Honorable Mention: Metro Boomin – Heroes & Villains, Larry June – Spaceships on the Blade, Mozzy – Survivor’s Guilt

Best Rapper of 2022: Future

From start the finish, no other rapper had a bigger year overall than Future. Pluto was the only artist in the world to chart a song all 52 weeks of 2022 on Billboard. He was also featured on some of this year’s top songs including “WAIT FOR YOU” and “BEAUTIFUL.” Future’s full artistry was illustrated in his “712” and “PUFFIN ON ZOOTIEZ” music videos while giving fans a psychedelic performance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live. As stated before, 2022 was a renaissance for Future and this year will be remembered as a high point in Pluto’s career.

– XH

Best New Artist: GloRilla

GloRilla came out of nowhere and made Earth stand still with the dominating hit “F.N.F.” The Memphis star catapulted into in another stratosphere in little time and placed her footing as one of the top female rappers. GloRilla signed to Yo Gotti‘s CMG label and received the ultimate cosign from Cardi B on “Tomorrow 2.” The success of her CMG debut project Anyways, Life’s Great… is only the beginning for GloRilla’s rise to the top.

– XH

Verse of the Year: J.Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy

Song of the Year: GloRilla – F.N.F. 

WYEXPECT’s All-Hip Hop First Team 

  • Future
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Drake
  • 21 Savage
  • Vince Staples

WYEXPECT’s All-Hip Hop Second Team 

  • Pusha T
  • Youngboy Never Broke Again
  • Gunna 
  • Kodak Black
  • JID

WYEXPECT’s All-Hip Hop Third Team 

  • J. Cole
  • Lil Durk
  • Glorilla
  • Latto
  • Nas