September 1, 2021 Xavier Hunter

At only 18-years-old, Kay Flock’s vision of drill music feels raw and free-spirited—an unburdened, electrifying take on his city’s most exciting new sound. The Bronx rapper has spent the last couple of years making tracks that bring some of the movement’s strongest future stars together while amplifying his own, pitching drill as collaborative, energetic, and most of all, alive. His raps, captured in street smashes like “Brotherly Love,” featuring fellow Bronx MCs B Lovee and Dougie B, demonstrate the thrill of the ecstatic genre. Every bar is spit with the pedal pressed all the way to the floor. His music/videos are raw and garner millions of views. When you think of NY drill you think Brooklyn but Kay Flock is proof the Bronx has skin in the game too.

In ways, his rise is similar to other New York drill artists, climbing from humble beginnings to the verge of the mainstream, but Kay Flock hails from the Bronx, a neighborhood that hasn’t so far produced the genre’s stars. He grew up in a rugged environment he describes as “dangerous” and, as a teenager, found escape in Brooklyn drill as well as the music of Chicago rappers like King Von. He tried baseball and basketball for a bit but those fizzled out after school. Everything came back to music. “When I was locked up, I used to always see videos of my mans recording, just getting lit,” Flock says. “It’s deeper than rap. There’s more to it, street-wise.”

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