Listen to Relapse here and take a look at part of our interview with Dom .B below and the full interview on YouTube above.

AH: So let’s give a little background. Where are you from and when did you start singing?

Dom .B: I’m from Burlington, NJ and I started singing in third grade in my church choir for about a year. Then, I joined the choir in middle school and high school. I did a lot of musicals so that really got me into musicals.

AH: In “Say Sum” you sing about having a guy step up to the plate and how you want him to vocalize his feelings and ultimately shooting your shot. Did you draw from a personal experience for this track?

Dom .B: I think the EP as a whole is based off of my friends’ stories that I heard but I can definitely relate to all of the songs. I can pick a point of time in my life where I definitely felt like that. And I think as women we all feel like, “I wish he would say something.” I’ve definitely been in that situation. 

AH: In “Say Sum” I also heard the “say sum baby” was that a call out to Drake or just a coincidence? 

Dom .B: Definitely, for sure. I always nod Drake. I feel like I nod a lot of people and some people don’t pick up on it but it’s good that you did. I also have another song called “How Does It Feel?” from my last EP, and literally, the whole hook is based off of Drake’s [“That’s How I Feel”].

AH: I really liked the beat for “Nite Owl.” How would you describe the production process for this one?

Dom .B: Yeah, it was produced by a collective called Strange Fruit [Kidthegreat & KYZA K’lee] but all of these beats were kind of already made and you know when we started working they just were adding things to the beat and just building on it based on what I was doing. So, that was cool just having them work on it and then me sitting there writing and then if I hear something like “Oh keep that in there” or “Take that out.” I like it both ways, me hearing the beat beforehand and I also like building the beat together.

AH: “Anytime” starts off more a longing tone “Do I ever cross your mind?” then turns into you singing about him crossing the line “Its your loss Im way too fine” which I feel like was a redemption record that we all love. How do you want listeners to feel after they hear this one?

Dom .B: I feel like that song is about knowing your worth. You can’t just let anyone treat you any kind of way. I like when I say in the second verse, “I feel like the sex was clouding my judgment.” I feel like we get really caught up in that and it clouds us from having a clear mind and seeing ourselves. 

AH: One of my favorites was “Relapse” which is the title for good reason in this song you talk about “playing games” and the marigold round effect which is also relatable. Do you relate to this song as well?

Dom .B: I can think of times when I felt like that but I’m just not one to go back and forth, I’m just not [laughs]. I’m very headstrong, people make mistakes and I’m very forgiving but if you cross me twice or if there is a red flag beaming at me the second time, I’m usually out.

AH: If you can have a guest feature of anyone who would you choose to jump on it? I was thinking Drake! 

Dom .B: You would not be wrong, it would be Drake [laughs]. I’m thinking he would be good on “Nite Owl” or even “Anytime” I can hear him on a verse at the end. For a female artist, I would love SZA. “Relapse” reminds me of her old songs for when she first signed to TDE.

AH: What is your favorite song on the EP?

Dom .B: “Relapse.” It’s the end and it just kind of ties everything together.

AH: Where can we follow you to keep up with your music?

Dom .B: Relapse is available on all streaming platforms. My Instagram is @officaldom.b and the same handle on Twitter.