AH: Let’s talk about your newest single, “Routine (Put It Down)” how is this song different from your previously released single “On Me”?

Anita: ‘Routine (Put It Down)’ is so smooth and sultry compared to ‘On Me’ since that song was more bold with a hip-hop bounce. With “Put It Down,” I actually got to showcase vocals on that record and bring back that real R&B vibe.

AH: I found the track to be very relatable and is definitely a great summer song! Where did you draw inspiration for “Routine (Put It Down)”?

Anita: I’m glad you think so! I was hesitant about dropping an R&B record in the summer, but I reminded myself that R&B doesn’t have a “popular” season because it’s timeless. A lot of the inspiration came from my love for passionate old-school music. Things were said in a tasteful way that set the mood and made you want to be in love. The harmonies, backup singers, and powerful bridges were always a highlight of the song, so I made sure to include that in this song to make it nostalgic for those who love music like that. 

AH: Did you write “Routine (Put It Down)”? If so, what was your songwriting process?

Anita: Yes, I currently write all of my songs, and (fingers crossed) I will keep it like that for as long as I can. My songwriting process for this song was pretty simple actually. I freestyled most of it and heard where I wanted the harmonies as soon as I was coming up with the melody. I wanted the song to build so I made sure my lyrics also got more intense as the song progressed. Interestingly enough, I wrote the second half of the song first and ended up using it as my first half to paint the picture of an ongoing story that had already started. I didn’t want a beginning, middle, and end of the story. I wanted it to feel like the listener is submerged in the middle of the experience.

AH: What was your role in the production process?

Anita: My role in this process was mostly the vocal production. I went in with an idea of how I wanted the production and harmonies already because I recorded it a year after it was written. My producer, Lab Ox, really helped me bring it to life. In the studio I did a lot of stacking to make it feel full and to make my ad libs stand out more. I was extremely picky with edits for the mixed and mastered version, and I ended up having 10 versions of the song because I knew EXACTLY how I wanted it to feel and sound. I’m sure my producer was tired of me, but the quality was worth it!

AH: Will you be releasing a music video to “Routine (Put It Down)”?

Anita: That’s the plan, but I don’t want to rush quality. The vision I have for this video is pretty big, so I would rather wait for the perfect time than to compromise my standards. This is my legacy that I will look back on and possibly [have it be the] first impression for a viewer so I don’t take that lightly at all.

AH: If you were to release a visual, who would you love to be your love interest?

Anita: Oooooh, good question. So the first choice is always my man for sure! He was the love interest in my last music video and did so well. If I were to switch it up for this video, I’d say someone like Damson Idris or Michael B. Jordan. The video I have in mind is cinematic and requires storytelling, so I’d want someone who can lock in and take on that character fully.

AH: Is “Routine (Put It Down)” a part of a larger project or will it be a standalone single?

Anita: It is a part of my very first official EP that will be coming out very soon, so be on the lookout for sure!

AH: What is your favorite lyric on “Routine (Put It Down)”?

Anita: “Give me the vibe boy, I’ll pay the price” mostly because I freestyled that line and love the way it sounds. I don’t know if it necessarily makes sense, but I know how I wanted that line to feel and it worked out.

AH: If you could add any feature to “Routine (Put It Down)” who would you like it to be?

Anita: Chris Brown or Lucky Daye. I miss duets and both of them are true vocalists that I think would bring some power and great chemistry to the song.

AH: Where can we follow you to stay updated about your music? 

Anita: You can follow me on IG & Tik Tok, @anita.vii. You can also find all of my music and content at www.linktr.ee/anitaayoola/.