When did you fall in love with music, and how long have you been creating music?

I fell in love with music as a kid similar to everyone’s story you know. I was young as hell and seen Kanye on a magazine my uncle owned. Kanye had the glasses with the lines in them and immediately I was like, “I don’t know what that is, but I wanna be that.” I’ve been officially making music a few years.

Who are some artists that are influential to your style?

As far as people who influence me man I’m never shy in giving props. I think it’s lame as fuck when people try to act like they weren’t inspired by others. I can’t lie I wanted to sing on tracks because of Drake, and A$AP Rocky put me onto RAF Simmons and Jeremy Scott. I’m from the streets and Young Thug showed me it’s possible to be from there and still be artistic and different. Them niggas are goats in my eyes.

Atlanta is staple city in our culture and has produced countless stars in Hip-Hop. Describe what makes Atlanta unique and the role it plays as an artist.

Atlanta is lit. If you’re young and you tryna get money I promise Atlanta can help you get there. Just remember this ain’t for hipsters you still can and will get robbed. But here, it’s like ghetto fabulous. It’s smaller than Miami, New York, and LA and it’s cheaper. You can run into anyone who’s in your field whether you’re a rapper, photographer, singer, etc. Plus instead of everyone just beefing with each other we can make money off each other that’s most important. It’s a lot of black folks with money and as a young kid it’s inspiring seeing black people, especially young black people with money. I love my city. We really fire.

You had the opportunity to participate in the DONDA event in Atlanta. Describe the feeling you had during that time and what did you take from it?

Yeah I was blessed to be apart of DONDA. Kanye fire as hell. That’s the highest level of creativity I ever seen. You gotta understand this a black man orchestrating hundreds of people on the fly in stadiums to honor his mother and on top of that changes it by the minute. While this is happening, thousands of people are fiending to see what happens next. It sounds like chaos but it’s fucking fire because it’s in his mind and you can’t put a ceiling on that. It’s like he sees color and we arguing over black and white. I felt like, “wow I can do this,” because he’s black and doing it.

How are you feeling since the release of Gemini?

I’m feeling like not enough people heard it. Everyone who listens tells me how fire it is and I’m blessed people like it, but I’m hungry to put out more music, more visuals lust more. Like I could’ve went harder on the execution. Next time I will. I’m feeling like I got the idea out there, but music is more than an idea. I wanna create a movement with the next project.

Do you have a favorite song on the project?

My favorite song changes all the time but right now it’s “Already in Hell” because that’s the most vulnerable I can get. Like word for word that’s my life. I don’t cap in my raps. That’s real and it’s me. I’m fun, I’m shitty, I’m giving, I’m selfish, I’m an asshole, but you still love me. That’s the song.