Westbrook Or LaMelo, Which Will Be The Next Point Guard For The New York Knicks?

The New York Knicks should not move up for LaMelo.

LaMelo Ball is a good player but is simply not worth moving up for.

LaMelo is a volume shooter just like RJ Barrett. Playing LaMelo and Barrett together would cause the game to not flow smoothly. Instead, the New York Knicks need a point that would better complement Barrett.

Say someone like Russell Westbrook.

The Knicks should make a big effort to get Westbrook on the team as there is likely to be a number of teams eager to trade for him. It has been alleged that Russ would like to return to the “floor general role” he had with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Knicks would be able to offer this level of freedom perhaps more than any of the other teams that might be interested in the former MVP. This would not be the case with LaMelo; a player the media has overhyped, probably more than he deserves, just like they did his older brother—Lonzo. 

The argument for Westbrook is simple. We need veteran leadership on the team, someone to properly mentor Barrett and Mitchell Robinson. RJ is a shooter giving Westbrook space in the paint. Westbrook’s ability to facilitate the offense will benefit Mitchell. Westbrook and Mitchell can be a great one-two punch. 

In addition, the Knicks can develop into a defensive juggernaut pairing Westbrook’s perimeter defense with Mitchell holding down the paint. With Westbrook on the team, a playoff spot is all but guaranteed for the Knicks. The Knicks can even become a sleeper team to make it out to the Eastern Conference. This would give Westbrook a chance to play in the “easier” conference.

Dolan. Leon. Wes. Make it happen. Bring Russ to the Mecca.

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