The Dunk Contest We Need

Obi Toppin is the 1st confirmed participant in this year’s dunk contest. Though he hasn’t done much through 23 appearances with the New York Knicks, Toppin was drafted for his athletic prowess, amongst other reasons.

Dunk Contest phenoms Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon are just about 100% not participating; LaVine is focused on showcasing his outside shooting and Gordon is tired of the winner snubs. With those two out and Toppin in, who else would we love to see participate this year?

Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is “the new LeBron James” when it comes to Dunk Contest anticipation. The fans are going to beg for him to participate for years, so why not just get it out of the way in his 2nd season? He put on a showcase last All-Star Weekend during the NBA Rising Stars Game. He’s also teased participating during this All-Star break. Zion in the dunk contest is a must-see.

Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges joined the 2019 dunk contest and was somewhat of a disappointment. He did get a 50 on his 2nd dunk but it wasn’t enough for him to advance after disappointing with his 1st dunk. He’s been dunking viciously this season so maybe it’s time for redemption. A dunk contest with him and Zion may just require more rim support.

Anthony Edwards

What Anthony Edwards did last week was one of the scariest posters in recent memory. And that was far from a fluke. He’s 3rd in dunks on the season for rookies and has put on some nice highlight dunks through this midway point. Edwards would be wise to take advantage of the hype behind his recent poster-dunk and show-off his bounce for the masses.

Lonnie Walker IV

In case one of the three players mentioned decide they’re not interested, Lonnie Walker would be a more than welcome participant. No, he hasn’t been flying on the court this season, but I’ll never forget his near massacre of Trey Lyles a few seasons ago. Hopefully, he still has that bounce in him and actually goes for the dunk.

Other Possibles

Mitchell Robinson

Kelly Oubre Jr.

Robert Williams

Ja Morant

Marvin Bagley III

Brandon Clarke