Pay The New Jersey Kids To Play Rutgers Football: Michigan Week

I missed out on doing one of these for last week’s Illinois contest. Part of it was I was out exercising in COVID—a nice 10 mile walk—and the other part was I was sure we would win in what I was dubbing the Tampa Bay Bucs Bowl. Both men have caused me anguish and one of them has continued to do so as the head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team.

Illinois stinks. And my only takeaway from that game is what has been my Twitter headline since about halftime— PUT ART SITKOWSKI IN THE GAME.

Enough. We’ve seen enough. I know Noah can’t throw. The receivers know Noah can’t throw. The defensive backs on the other team know Noah can’t throw. The opposing defensive coordinator’s dog knows Noah can’t throw. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. Enough.

Put the kid with the rocket arm in the game, run the ball with Pacheco and call it an offense.

Unless the plan is to get another grad transfer next season, there’s basically Sitkowski and Evan Simon, who I imagine is redshirting — yes I left the others off purposely. Please put an end to the Noah Vedral experiment— and the offense we’re running with him — as soon as possible.

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