Way Too Soon NBA MVP Race


We are a couple weeks into the season and a couple players have already set themselves apart from the field as early MVP candidates. It is way too soon to speculate who the MVP is but we love a projection!

Honorable mention: Malcolm Brogdon, Paul George & Nikola Jokić


Points 26.9 FG% 47.4 3pt % 43.8 Rebounds 7.1 Asst. 3.8 Steals 1.0 Blks 0.8

Tatum is off to a hot start and has officially taken his game to the level many have expected him to reach. Tatum officially has the keys to the Celtics and they are currently the 3rd best team in the East.


Points 22.6 FG% 49.0 3pt % 36.4 Rebounds 12.0 Asst. 7.3 Steals 0.7 Blks 0.2

Randle is the surprise of the league. He is currently dominating the NBA and is everything the NBA wants Zion to be. The Knicks are currently 5-4 and sitting at the 5th spot in the East. If the Knicks keep this up Randle will 100% be in the talks for MVP at the end of the season.


Points 24.6 FG% 48.6 3pt % 36.7 Rebounds 8.3 Asst. 7.8 Steals 0.9 Blk 0.3

Age is never stopping Lebron James! He is still filling up the stat sheet on the best team in the West. I know there is Lebron fatigue, thus the media will not vote for him but he needs to be mentioned in the MVP conversation this season and every season until he retires!


Points 30.6 FG% 45.8 3pt % 39.4 Rebounds 4.8 Asst. 6.8 Steals 1.2 Blks 0.2

Twitter really tried to start an agenda that Steph Curry is not good and has been carried by superstar led teams. Well they were wrong! Steph Curry is the best point guard of all time and if he keeps this level of play up, he will potentially win the MVP. If his team had a better record I would currently rank him number one but due to his circumstance he comes in at number two. I really hope the Warriors keep up this level of play because they are fun to watch when the role players are hitting shots.


Points 24.6 FG% 52.5 3pt % 45.8 Rebounds 11.8 Asst. 3.2 Steals 1.1 Blks 1.8

It’s been a long time coming for “Trust the Process” but the Sixers are finally hitting on all cylinders. If it were not for COVID contact tracing that caused the Sixers to essentially bench their whole team, the Sixers would still have the best record in the NBA. Joel is filling up the stat sheet, playing amazing defense and quietly leading the Sixers to heights they have not reached during his era. Joel needs this MVP to cement him as one of the best Big Men of his era thus if he can keep this level of play up it will be a great resume boost.

Trust the Process