Top 2023 Free Agent Wide Receivers

What You Expect is always here to provide you with details when it comes to an NFL-free agent, specifically Wide Receivers. The receiver position may be the weakest part of this free agent class. We will only get into the wide receivers that will be free agents; however, there are players such as Kenny Golladay who may become free agents due to cap space and his ineffective with the Giants.

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Honestly, it was difficult to even make ten free-agent wide receivers that I would want on my team out of the pool of players. There are some vets who will get some attention, not mentioned below, such as Julio Jones, AJ Green, Marvin Jones, and T.Y Hilton. Some players to also watch in free agency are Noah Brown, Mecole Hardman, and Mack Hollins.

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1 Jakobi Meyer

Jakobi Meyer is the cream of the crop of this year’s class. Jakobi had 67 receptions and 12 touchdowns. I can definitely see a wide receiver needy team overpaying for his services.

Prediction: Chicago Bears or Houston Texans

2 Darius Slayton

Darius Slayton somehow always ends up as the Giants number-one option. The New York Football Giants will hopefully let Mr. Drops leave the roster this offseason. I will thank Slayton for overachieving but it is officially his time to scam someone else. Bill always loves taking players the Giants do not want.

Prediction: New England Patriots

3 Allen Lazard

Is Allen Lazard good? I wanted to make Lazard the number-one wide receiver on this list but I really cannot be sure he is actually good. If he were smart he would go to a team that is good on a one-year prove-it deal. If he has a good season, he will be the hottest wide receiver in next year’s market however he could chase long-term security. Lazard already informed us that he will not be back with the Packers in a funny end-of-season interview.

Prediction: Dallas Cowboys

4 Odell Beckham

The main question with Odell Beckham is whether will he ever be healthy again. The Giants, Cowboys, and Bills all brought Odell in and I assume the same will be done this offseason. Odell will not get the long-term security he wants; however, he will still get attention from playoff teams.

Prediction: New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys

5 JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu stinks, Antonio Brown was right. Somehow, JuJu will find himself a Super Bowl champion and have the freedom to scam another good team. With all the injuries the Chargers dealt with this offseason, I can see JuJu going close to home.

Prediction: LA Chargers or Arizona Cardinals

6 DJ Chark

DJ Chark is very talented; however, the Jaguars decided to let him go a year ago. He suffered injuries this season with the Lions however, he ended his season very strongly. With Williams, Raymond, and St. Brown, there will not be enough room for Chark so look for him to land elsewhere.

Prediction: Baltimore Ravens or Tennesse Titans

7 Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry is one of the underappreciated wide receivers in the NFL. I personally feel he does not have much to offer as a star anymore but I look for him to chase a ring to solidify his career. Gabe Davis and Stefon Diggs were clearly not enough to win in Buffalo so look to them to add the veteran

Prediction: Buffalo Bills

8 Sterling Shepard

Sterling Shepard is so good when he plays but the key point is when he plays, which he never does. I believe he is a Giant for life thus I expect him to rob more of the Mara’s money.

Prediction: New York Giants

9 Richie James

Surprisingly, Richie James had an amazing season with the Giants. He was expected to only return kicks but had almost 70 receptions on the season. Richie probably won’t land big money in the open market so look to him to go to a team who needs his skill set for cheap.

Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs

10 Greg Dortch

Greg Dortch came out of nowhere this season. The young journeyman wide receivers have finally found himself a home after bringing in 52 receptions this year. I expect the Cardinals to move off of Deandre Hopkins next year, leaving a wide receiver core of Dortch and Robby Anderson.

Prediction: Arizona Cardinals

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