NFL Draft: Breakdown of All the Best Props to Target

The NFL draft is set to begin on April 27th. The day will be filled with players embarking on their long and, hopefully, successful journeys as NFL players. However, we don’t really care about that. We care more about the props and the money we can make predicting what NFL teams are gonna do on Draft Day. So without further ado, here are the top props to target in order to make some money.

1st overall pick: CJ Stroud +1000 (Fanduel)

Obviously, Bryce Young is the clear front-runner to go first overall. However, the Panthers gave up an arm and leg to get the 1st overall pick from the Chicago Bears. Bryce Young didn’t particularly impress at the NFL combine and the timing of the trade suggests that the Panthers were impressed by something that they saw at the combine. Stroud lit up the combine drills and certainly gave a strong performance that definitely moved his name up draft boards. The timing of the Panthers’ trade combined with Buckeye’s QB’s recent form, makes CJ Stroud to go 1st overall at +1000 worth way too much value and deserving of at least a sprinkle.

1st overall pick: Anthony Richardson +2500 (Fanduel)

Ok, hear me out. I know Richardson is a raw prospect and the Panthers would have to be stupid to draft a guy so unrefined at 1st overall. But the talent that Richardson possesses is undeniable. The Florida signal caller broke almost every physical metric at the NFL combine. His size, arm power, and raw athleticism makes him a very tempting to just snatch up at the number one spot. Bringing the timing of the Panthers’ trade again, it hints that maybe the Panthers are willing to bet heavy on Richardson and we should too.

First Two Selections Exact Order: Bryce Young + CJ Stroud +375 (DraftKings)

For those that are a bit more risk averse, this prop presents a decent plus money play that could potentially be a quick cash. With both the Panthers and the Texans choosing first, the first two picks of the draft should be quarterbacks. With the expected Young going off the board first, CJ Stroud becomes a heavy favorite to go to the Texans. Personally, I’d consider taking this bet as a hedge for the Anthony Richardson prop mentioned earlier in this article.

First Tight End taken: Michael Mayer -150 (DraftKings)

This one is pretty simple. Michael Mayer is probably the best tight end in this draft. The Notre Dame product has the tape, the size, and the stats to justify him being the first tight end taken. Look for the Cowboys to try and replace Dalton Schultz with the young tight end prospect


The NFL draft presents a rich area for bettors to take advantage of plus-money lines and rake in some coin. Remember to bet responsibly and keep reading What You Expect for more great sports betting insights.

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