New York Knicks Weekly: The Crash Back Down to Earth?



Week record: 2-2



We are here again, Julius Randle has tapped into a level that we have never seen before. We have to start asking ourselves: is this who the league wants Zion to be? Whether people want to admit it or not Julius Randle is in the running for MVP.

Don’t believe me?

23 points per game, 12 rebounds and 8 assists is what he has averaged thus far this season. This week was no different, we saw Randle put on a masterpiece versus the Jazz. He scored 30 points, a whopping 16 rebounds and 7 assists. 


Even though Julius Randle keeps on putting on a show, the Performance of the Week belongs to Austin Rivers. Austin Rivers took apart the Jazz defense piece by piece Wednesday Night. When the Knicks needed to be bailed out, the veteran shooter answered the call. AUSTIN RIVERS SCORED 14 STRAIGHT POINTS AGAINST THE UTAH JAZZ. It was a massacre. He only finished with 23 points but for those who watched the game we got to witness something special.


The Knicks did well the first two games of the week by winning both games. We as Knicks fans are aware of the disappointing reality that sometimes we play too lax. We were down against the Jazz and rallied back but we all were nervous. Then our fears came alive as we got embarrassed and blown out by the Thunder and the Nuggets. The Knicks have a good team but we need consistency. The only player playing with any consistency is Julius Randle. We need Rivers and RJ to play consistently until we are back with a healthy roster. We have a good thing going but we need to not let up. The last two games we looked like Knicks of old with only Julius Randle playing his heart out.

Upcoming schedule 

Hornets – 1/11

Nets – 1/13

Cavaliers – 1/15