New York Knicks Weekly Review: Opening Week

Wow, we beat the Bucks, the Knicks are officially title contenders! Every week I will be giving you the weekly updates on everything the Knicks. Make sure you follow me at @Superlativemik!




Julius Randle – Through the first three games of the season Randle has begun playing like the player Knicks fans expects him to be. Randle is currently averaging 23.7 points shooting an admirable 53% from the field with ten rebounds to go along with it. Randle is also beginning to look more like a point forward, as his passing has gotten better, as he is currently averaging 6.3 assist. For a person who averages 2.8 assist for his career this is certainly a good sign for Knicks fans. Add that on to the fact that Randle who is a 30 percent three point shooter is currently shooting 55 percent from the three point line, Knicks fans have a lot to be happy about in Randle.


This honor has to go to Julius Randle. Randle went up against the two time back to back MVP Giannis and in magical form blew them out. Julius stacked the stat sheet by scoring 29 points on 8/17 shooting, including 3 of 5 from the three point line. He also added 14 rebounds and 7 Assist. In a 130 – 110 win against the Bucks.


The Knicks have looked good….. In the first half of these games. The team’s first two games were competitive in the first half then in the second half things got bad. Mitch Robinson has done nothing much to help this case getting into foul trouble early. RJ Barret while still developing has shown signs that he can take the next step. In the game against the Pacer he shot a blistering 100% from the field having 20 points, then in the second half he totally disappeared. Obi Toppin the Knicks rookie looks promising but he needs to develop some more. The Knicks bounced back from these two losses and delivered a hammering to the two time back to back mvps team. Let’s hope that we are able to add on to that win this season.