New York Knicks Weekly Review: Are we really that Good?

Welcome to another week of my Knicks review. This week the Knicks looked good. The team is currently seventh in the east. We should note that we currently have a higher seed than the Nets and Bucks. Even though it is early, there is a lot to be optimistic about.



Week Record



Julius Randle may have just cemented himself as the franchise player for the New York Knicks. Julius Randle delivered a punch in the face of the Cavaliers, who were surprisingly sitting at 4-1. Randle scored a whopping 28 points going 9-16! He was grabbing rebounds like the second coming of Dennis Rodman on top of that, Julius channeled his inner Steve Nash with 11 assists. Six games in the season Julius Randle has become one of the best passing bigs in the league. Even though his numbers dwindled from last week, his impact has been growing. He averaged 18 points, 8 assists and 11 rebounds. If he continues this level of play, it is not far-fetched to think that he may average a triple double. Fingers Crossed.


As much as I would like to give this honor to Julius Randle again for anchoring the Knicks to a winning week, I cannot. In a game against a playoff team, one player rose to the occasion… RJ BARRETT.

RJ again proved to be a thorn in the side of the Pacers. This time he scored 25 points shooting an efficient 4-5 from the three. RJ as we all know has been a streaky player to say the least, but in this game he showed that he was capable of being consistent for a game. 


THE KNICKS ARE ON FIRE, Plain and simple.

The issue we have is we need consistency from our roster. If Julius Randle can keep this going— which we know he can because we have seen it in New Orleans—you’re looking at a bona fide playoff team. The success not only hinges on Julius Randle but in RJ Barrett remaining consistent we need him to show up every night and shoot efficiently. On those off-nights a part of our success will ride on veteran Austin Rivers. If Rivers can hold the fort as he did in that win against the Pacers, the Knicks would be even better. We are in a good place but as a Knicks fan you know we can never get too excited. 


Atlanta Hawks – 1/4

Utah Jazz – 1/6

Oklahoma city Thunder – 1/8