Nets 2019-2020 Player Grades: Kyrie Irving

Statistically speaking, Kyrie Irving was on pace to have a career year. He was scoring at will (efficient shooting and low turnover-rate for his usage) while still keeping teammates involved. However, those numbers only spanned a measly 20 games before Irving was officially ruled out for the season.

When it comes to Irving, grading his season goes beyond the numbers. If simply grading his play on the court, Irving would have earned an A-, only missing on an A+ because he missed 52 games. However, we must include off the court matters as well.

That’s where his season grade gets brought down. Irving’s words to the media and leaked info from team officials/staff became an issue very early in the season. We can’t forget the reports of him ‘checking out’ during the team’s trip to China before the season.

Though then-Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, along with several of Irving’s teammates, shut down the rumors, it was just an added caveat that has plagued Irving throughout his career. His play to begin the season quickly eliminated those concerns.

However, not too long after, Irving once again gave the media a story to run with. Following a loss to the 76ers, Irving decided to comment on how the team was a few pieces away from being where they should be. Nothing wrong with that… until Irving proceeded to list the teammates he deemed important, isolating more than half the roster. These incidents, as well as a few others, brought Irving’s season grade down.


Games Played: 20 of 72 Games (20 Starts)

Stats (Per Game): 32.9 MPG / 27.4 PPG / 5.2 RPG / 6.4 APG / 1.4 SPG / 2.6 TOPG / 47.8 FG% / 39.4 3P% / 92.2%

Advanced Stats: 26.2 PER / 59.5 TS% / 119 ORTG / 109 DRTG / 2.9 Win Shares


January 31st, 2020 (133-118, W vs CHI)

54 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 19-23 FGs, 7-9 3Ps, 9-10 FTs


October 23rd-November 12th

33.7 MPG / 29.7 PPG / 5.3 RPG / 7.0 APG / 1.1 SPG / 44.8 FG% / 34.9 3P% / 93.7 FT%


What You Expect?