The Hot Corner: Plays for Tuesday, May 23rd

Great start to the week!

Keeping an eye for trends and making the most out of the hit parlays. Back to the lab we go!

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Dylan Cease U5.5 Ks -129

*CLE allows least Ks in L3 (4)

*CLE strikes out 19.9% vs RHP

*Only two strikeout targets in the lineup today

The numbers back this up – I know he just faced them and went under but I have no reason to expect much different of a result.

Luis Robert / Jonathan India 1+ Hit Each -120

*Robert has hit well vs Allen in a small sample size and mashes LHP

*India has hit well vs Wainright and hits well vs RHP

Corey Seager / Austin Hays 1+ Hit Each +110


*3/8 .375 vs Hill

*.438 / .444 / .750 vs LHP


*5/13 .385 vs Cole

*.333 / .382 / .529 vs RHP

Alex Cobb O5.5 Ks -102

*MIN allows most Ks in L3 (12)

*MIN strikes out 24.9% vs RHP in L30

*6 strike out targets in the lineup

Cobb can deal and against this lineup he should reach 6 easy.

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