The Hot Corner: Plays for Tuesday, April 25th

Chris Sale having his worst outing couldn’t stop us from having a day. Back to the lab we go!

Brady Singer U4.5 Ks -110

*Running it back on the under vs ARI hitters – ARI allows 4th least Ks per game this season (7.46) & 4th least in L3 (7)

*ARI has no hitter that strikes out more than 25%

*Singer has only gone over once this season (4 starts)

Logan Gilbert O5.5 Ks -145

*We are taking the juice here but with good reason – Gilbert has been averaging more than 1 k per inning while going 6+ Ks each game

*PHI allows 6th most Ks per game this season (9.43)

*PHI has 4 eligible hitters who strike out over 25% of the time

I know PHI has not been kind to me but I feel comfortable even with the juice

Johan Oviedo O5.5 Ks +127, O6.5 Ks +167, O7.5 Ks +370, O8.5 Ks +780

*PIT has been a pleasant surprise this season and Oviedo has done his share (2.22 ERA & 9.2 K/9)

*LAD allows 5th most Ks per game this season (9.57) & 7th most Ks per L3 (10.33)

*Oviedo has covered this line twice this season (out of 4) & has had 3 quality starts – I am sprinkling on the ladder here

Charlie Morton U5.5 Ks +120

*This is a gut play, MIA allows 10th most Ks in L3 (10.33) but Morton has been on record saying he hasn’t had the movement he has had before

*He has only covered once this season (4 starts) and MIA only has 3 players who strike out more than 25% of the time

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