The Hot Corner: Plays for Sunday, May 21st

Yesterday was a tough blow to the bankroll but we are back to the lab to finish the week.

Freddy Peralta O5.5 Ks -126

*TB strikes out 24.2% vs RHP in L30

*4 hitters in the lineup are strike out targets

This play is me trusting my gut on Peralta dealing. With a game total at 8 I feel confident the numbers are on our side.

Michael Wacha U4.5 KS -143

*BOS allows 9th least Ks in L3 (7.33)

*BOS strikes out 19.3% vs RHP in L30

*Only two hitters in the lineup are strikeout targets

Trying Boston again – Wacha just had an 11 K game but the Royals are ‘free swingers’.

Justin Verlander U5.5 Ks -120

*CLE allows least Ks in L3 (5)

*CLE strikes out 20.3% vs RHP in L30

*3 strike out targets in the lineup

Cleveland is stingy & Verlander is still getting the offseason rust off.

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