The Hot Corner: Plays for Saturday, April 22nd

Tough beats on two plays have us on a TOUGH negative day. Keller sat at 5 Ks for 1.2 innings – regardless we move forward. Back to the lab!

Pablo Lopez U6.5 Ks -124

*WAS only has one player who strikes out over 25%

*WAS allows least Ks per game this season (6.68)

*While Lopez has been on a tear this season – this is a great ‘law of averages play’ with the under

Hayden Wesneski O4.5 Ks -124

*LAD strikes out 3rd most per game this season (9.62) & strike out 3rd most in L3 (10)

*LAD has two players who strike out over 31.5%+

*Wesneski has been consistent at putting hitters away and LAD may be far more aggressive after nearly being no hit yesterday

Wade Miley U4.5 Ks -145

*BOS allows 7th least Ks per game this season (7.95) & least Ks in L3 (5.67)

*BOS has only two over the 25% strike out line & with Miley not traditionally being a strikeout pitcher this seems like worth the investment in the juice

Luis Castillo U6.5 Ks -130

*STL strikeouts 8th least per game this season (8.05) & 7th least Ks in L3 (7.33)

*Castillo has only had 7+ Ks once this season and STL should be around the 5 range at max based on recent performances

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