The Hot Corner: Plays for Monday, May 22nd

Last week was our best week with the model!
Let’s keep it going!

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Jordan Montgomery O6.5 Ks +129

*CIN allows 5th most Ks in L3 (11)

*CIN strikes out 24% vs LHP

*CIN has 6 strike out targets (as well as a cusp target tallying 7)

This is a high total but with 7 (1 being a cusp 24.3%) and CIN free swinging vs LHP this is worth the plus value.

Zach Wheeler U6.5 Ks -114

*ARI strikes out 19.1% vs RHP in L30

*There are 0 strike out targets in the lineup

Wheeler has been dealing and ARI has been striking out more as of late but with a lineup like this – the under is the move.

Nick Senzel / Freddie Freeman 1+ Hit Each +106

*Senzel has hit well vs Montgomery in small sample size and he MASHES LHP

*Freeman has been all over Morton & mashes RHP

Luis Castillo O7.5 Ks -107

*OAK allows 8th most Ks in L3 (9.33)

*OAK strikes out 28.4% vs RHP in L30

*6 total strike out targets in the lineup

This is a high total but the A’s have been a goldmine for alternate lines – Castillo should cook.

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