The Hot Corner: Plays for Friday, June 9th

Ladies & Gentlemen, we got em’. Swept the pitcher props yesterday with little to no sweat. Back to the lab we go!

Michael Lorenzen U4.5 Ks -114

*ARI strikes out 19.6% vs RHP in L30

*ARI allows 2nd least Ks in L3 (5.67)

*1 strike out target in the lineup

Lorenzen is someone I like to grab his overs if the matchup is right, same reigns true against a disciplined lineup.

Garrett Whitlock O4.5 Ks -130

*NYY strike out 24.3% vs RHP in L30

*NYY averages 7 Ks in L3

*6 strike out targets in lineup

We only need 5 here from Whitlock. This matchup is one of my favorites considering the high strike out rate in this lineup.

Tyler Wells O6.5 Ks +118

*KC strikes out 24.9% vs RHP in L30

*KC strikes out 6th most in L3 (10.67)

*6 strike out targets in the lineup

Wells has been a bright spot for a young Baltimore team. His strike out rate is above average and this is an amazing spot for him to deal.

Marcus Stroman O4.5 Ks -143

*SF strikes out 25.7% vs RHP in L30

*SF strikes out 4th most in L3 (11)

*6 strike out targets

You can push it up to 5.5 and it would still be a great bet. I am taking the bankroll and running for the weekend.

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