Five Former NFL Players The XFL Should Sign

Another weekend of exciting football concluded in the XFL after the league’s third week of play. After spending Saturday and Sunday watching this new brand of football I was thinking of who I would like to see play in the XFL. You’re welcome Vince McMahon


LaMichael James (Age: 30) 

Like most people on this list, LaMichael had a great college career but couldn’t produce in the NFL.

-Heisman Trophy finalist (2010)

-Pac-10 Offensive Freshman of the Year 

-3x Pac-10/Pac-12 champion 

-2x First-team All-Pac-10/Pac 12 

-2x First-Team All-American 

James went to the University of Oregon, where he was prolific in Chip Kelly’s system. In his sophomore year, he led the country in rushing with 1731 yards en route to a Doak Walker trophy at the end of the season. His next—and last—season in college, James became Oregon’s career rushing leader in the third game of the season. James was drafted in the second round by the San Francisco 49ers in 2012. After being released in 2014, James signed with the Miami Dolphins but was waived a year later. As of now James is focused on his restaurant Killer Burger and looks like he has no desire to play again. It would be nice to watch him run the ball at least one more season. With such a great college career, it would be interesting to see him give the XFL a shot.   

Brandon Marshall (Age: 30)

No, not the wide receiver but the Super Bowl 50 champion linebacker. 

In every sport, the dream is to win a ring. Whether you’re a career backup or the towel boy having a ring is something special. After that it’s all about a check. Brandon Marshall had a decent career in the league, registering three 100-plus tackle seasons . After being released by the Raiders in 2019 and worked out by the Texans not too longer afterwards, he is still looking for a team and perhaps the XFL could offer him an ability to show he can still play. 

Taylor Mays (Age: 32)

If you are a dedicated Madden Ultimate Team player then you know the legend that is Taylor Mays. 

-Pac-10 Co-Freshman of the Year 

-Second Team All-American 

-2x First-team All-Pac-10 

-3x First-team All-American 

Taylor Mays was a beast! In high school, he was a huge track star: winning the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash. As a high school junior, Mays had 124 tackles, 5 interceptions and 75 passes deflected. He caught 25 passes for over 700 yards with 23 touchdowns. At the University of Southern California, former head coach Pete Carroll said that he was one of the fastest players on the team as a freshmen. Mays was selected in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft by the 49ers. Since then, Mays would be traded and released by multiple teams throughout the NFL and the CFL. I would love for Mays to make a return to football preferably the XFL. He doesn’t have knowledge for the NFL, but I think his athletic ability and skill-set can be a key asset on a XFL team. Mays, a noted hard-hitter, can bring a much-needed spark to the XFL. 

Dez Bryant (Age: 31)

Seeing Dez Bryant playing in the XFL is like seeing Antonio Brown also make the jump to Vince’s football league. He is simply too big of a name, and probably out of the start-up’s budget.

– 3× Pro Bowl 

– NFL receiving touchdown leader (2014)

– First-Team All-Big 12 

– Big 12 Special Teams Player of the Year 

Dez Bryant’s NFL career had its peaks and valleys. From being a top-five wide receiver to being a free-agent in a few years span is something not many saw coming. After spending eight seasons with the Cowboys, one would think he would have retired a Cowboy or had a long-lasting career a la Larry Fitzgerald. He is focusing on getting back healthy after his brief Saints stay but if he can’t land on a NFL roster why not show his talents in the XFL. 

Johnny Manziel (Age: 27)

Let’s be honest, we would love to see Johnny Football in the XFL.

-Heisman Trophy winner

-Manning Award 

 -Probably the most popular player to ever play in the Canadian Football League  

In 2012 and 2013, everybody wanted a Johnny Manziel Texas A&M jersey. I remember him and Lebron hanging out, pictures of Manziel’s Heisman trophy with a blunt on it, flipping people off in preseason. Manziel had a “I don’t care attitude” that the NFL hated. Although I never thought he would be a great quarterback in the NFL, due to hislack of skills, awareness and leadership if the XFL prides itself on being an excellent source of entertainment then there’s no better person to call.