WYE Fantasy Football Season Recap

WYE Fantasy Football Season Is Done!

What’s up, everyone? This week concluded our 3rd season of fantasy football. First and foremost, I would like to say I love to see Damar Hamlin now breathing on his own, and looks like to fully recover from the incident that took place during Monday Night Football of the Bengals vs Bills game.

WYE Fantasy football is full of drama, surprises, and of course fun! For those that don’t know, we compete on NFL.com in a 12-team league. The style of drafting was an auction, which I must say if you have been doing snake all these years, give auction a try, it makes drafting much more fun to get YOUR GUY. Below are some interesting auction prices on guys from our draft.


Josh Allen – $17

Patrick Mahomes- $26

Jalen Hurts- $12

Joe Burrow- $7

Lamar Jackson- $18


Najee Harris- $70

Saquon Barkley- $42

Tony Pollard- $1

Austin Ekeler- $66

Dameon Pierce- $3


Jayden Waddle – $26

AJ Brown- $30

Christian Kirk- $4

Jamarr Chase $66

Tyreek Hill- $44


Mark Andrews- $26

Dallas Goedert- $20

Travis Kelce- $45

Kyle Pitts- $35

Zach Ertz- $1

We not going to worry about kickers and defenses as they are typically around $1-3. My advice is never to spend more than a dollar on defenses or kickers unless you have extra capital.

Everything was going smoothly in our league until I shook the league up with this trade. As we all know, Michael Thomas had stellar seasons but was always on the IR for something. Two weeks into the season he was killing, and it looked like he might finally return to his dominant self. As I evaluated my team, I was weak on TEs as it is the scarcest position in fantasy football if you don’t have Kelce or Andrews.  I went after Travis Kelce who had a solid start to the year.

The owner valued a WR over his TE considering he also had TJ Hockerson so he sent me the offer for Travis Kelce for Michael Thomas. I was taken aback by this offer that I rushed to the app and accepted immediately. Next thing you know, Michael Thomas hurts his toe and is out for the year. Talk about a season-saving trade right there! The league could not believe the owner gave away Kelce like that.  From that point on I was turned into a “Villain.”

There was a total of 59 trades for the season which was the most in our league history to date. I finished with the best record in the league at 10-4. The worst record ended up being 3-11. The three division winners were Dwa, Cam, and me.

The highly anticipated finals matchup came down to Dwa and I. We were down to the wire by Monday night as I held a 22-point lead. He had Joe Burrow remaining while I had Evan McPherson. Once the game between the Bills and Bengals started, Burrow had an opening TD drive. From that point on we knew this was going to come to the wire. The game had been canceled due to the Damar Hamlin situation, for good reason.  We came to an agreement for Co-Champs if the NFL does not resume the game later, which the league canceled the game, and no makeup was the decision.

Overall, it was a great season in the WYE league. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the league loser has to wear a dress coming into the next season’s draft. We will let you guys know how that turns out.

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