Deshaun Watson Demands A Trade from Houston Texans: Top 5 Landing Spots


Deshaun Watson officially wants out of the Houston Texans no matter who the Texans decide to hire. The news dropped today, January 28th, that it was official despite the media reporting it for sometime.

I am extremely excited for Watson because I do believe he is a top 5 QB in the NFL currently. As a bias NY Giants fan I would love for the G-Men to mortgage their whole future and trade for D Wat but I know that is not an option.

Before I get into the top landing spots for D Wat, here are the betting odds for what team Deshaun Watson will play for next (BetOnline):

Jets +200 Dolphins +400

Saints/49ers +800 Panthers/Patriots +900

Broncos/Colts/Rams +1000 Falcons/Washington/Bears/Jaguars +1200

Raiders/Cowboys +1400 Lions +1600

Eagles +2000 Steelers +2500

Giants/Vikings +2800


The Bears have had a dominant defense for years. If the historic franchise can put together a trade offer to land Watson and keep Allen Robinson, they would be one of the favorites to win it all. Watson bringing a ring to Chicago would be the ultimate resume boost.

4 49ERS

We all knew Jimmy G stinks and now that the 49ers are interested in Watson, clearly, the team agrees too. The team was just in the Super Bowl a season ago and if Jimmy hits a wide-open receiver they would have won it all. Watson would make a team with a strong running game an instant Super Bowl favorite.


Honestly, the Dolphin’s main selling points are weather and young players. The team has overachieved and most likely can put together the best trade offer for Watson due to having multiple first-round picks and the team could add Tua here. I am unsure if Watson going here makes them an instant Super Bowl contender but the team would definitely be a lock for the playoffs.


I truthfully believe Watson will be on the New York Jets next season. He has already identified that he wants to come to the Jets which I find interesting because the team just let all of their star players walk but it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to live in NYC? Watson would instantly compete with Mahomes for every NFL commercial. Now, I do not believe the Jets would be an instant Super Bowl contender but it is intriguing to land Watson and have a lot of money to spend this offseason.


The NFL needs this to happen. Do I believe it will happen? NO, but this would be awesome. The NFL already has a dynasty in the making with the KC Chiefs and the Rams are a superstar QB away from being just as dominant. The team was in the Super Bowl a few years ago with a high-powered offense but now the team is led by their defense and running game. In LA, Watson would get the massive market he gets in NYC, along with an amazing roster and coach. If Watson can force his way to the Rams I believe this will really change his trajectory on how he is viewed at the end of his career. Watson-led Rams vs the Chiefs gives me Warriors vs Cavs vibes.

NFL make it happen!

One thing I will say is, I love that players are taking more power away from organizations and letting it be known that they do not want to waste the prime parts of their careers on losing teams. I hope Watson lands in a good situation. Houston is done!