Sports Betting By DwaVocalz

So many of my friends have asked me to teach them how to bet on sports.

I reluctantly always say no. Sports gambling is a mindset that not many people have the stomach to handle, BUT today I feel as though I will pay it forward and help the streets. *Disclaimer I am not a journalist, I am just a rich man trying to help the poor.

I started my journey in the sports gambling world in 2010 thanks to Justin and Tyler—two college friends of mine that ruined my life! The worst thing a sports bettor can do is win their first couple of bets. Of course this would happen to me, winning about $500 on the first round of March Madness.

I later ended up losing everything and owing the bookie, but that’s beside the point. I started off doing about $25 a game as well as doing small parlay bets.

A parlay—for the uninitiated— is a type of bet in which you combine multiple individual bets into one which gives you a higher reward. Ten years later, I am doing anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 a game. The KEY is to split your money up properly and only do individual bets.

PARLAYS ARE A POOR MAN’S BET. A lesson in life is rarely will someone ever give you more than you offer them. If you’re in this predicament, there’s a good chance you’re being fooled. 

I tell most people to not bet on teams you like or are too invested in. Gambling is a game of numbers and patience. One has to have the ability to handle losses. Believe it or not, I have learned more from bets that I have lost. I’ve lost thousands one day and made twice that the next.

Honestly, a lot of my betting theories have made me into a better person and made me question EVERY DETAIL in the same fashion I do with my bets. As a handicapper, I tend to always fade the public. The public does win sometimes; however,  if sportsbooks are still open it is due to the public losing. “Know what you know and know it better than the next man is another key.”

After college, for a short period of time, I was a bookie. I got that quote from one of our clients who ended up forcing us to close our book because he knew Japanese baseball better than anyone. We were sick! I use these tactics myself and it has made me successful in the field. I feel as though I am rambling now but if you have any questions reach out to me on Twitter or IG @dwavocalz.

A few things to remember if you are going to enter the gambling world: you will never be better than me, never to do a parlay, and master your craft—this is a game of numbers. 

Free game: Take Clemson +5.5