What You Expect Sits Down With Rapper Luh Trap

Hey Luh Trap You’re an artist I listen to on a regular basis. Do you compare your sound with another artist, or do you just do your own thing? 

I defiantly get inspiration, but I never try to copy anyone’s sound. I try to do my own sound and flavor. 

Rappers hate when you compare them to one another, but I get vibes from Lil Yachty. Has anyone ever told you that? 

A lot of people have told me I sound like Lil Yatchy. 

Where are you from? 

Essex county NJ. I bounced around. 

At what point do you start rapping?

About 15. I first started writing at 9 years old. 

Were you nervous sharing your rhymes as a kid? 

Yeah, I was nervous as hell. I don’t want anyone to say “Yo you ass after all these years”. 

When you made Good Guys were some of those songs written when you were 15 or is that all new material? 

That was all new, I wrote that at a certain time of my life. 

A couple of tracks I like on Good Guys are Dead Wrong and Worth It. I feel like you exercised your vocals and expose your voice. Do you feel that way? 

Yeah 110%. When I record, however I feel I express it through melodies that’s how I feel.  

I don’t want to say every track sounds the same, but it has the same feeling to it. Did you write all these songs in the same place and have a similar mindset for each song? 

Yeah, all those were at the same time. Whenever I make a project, I try not to extend the period of time. My recording processes takes a month so the only thing that takes long is mixing it because I do everything myself. 

You had 2-year break from Good Guys and Nude during that 2-year break did you focus on your craft and try to do things different? 

That was my whole reason to take that break.  Before Good Guys I took a break. But with that break I really wanted to get in my bag. I wanted to focus on what I wanted my music to sound like. I wanted to structure what makes me that’s why I took the break. 

What’s more comfortable recording in the studio or recording at home? 

To be honest I’ve been in the studio 1 or 2 times and I didn’t like it. When I was there, I asked another rapper what do you do to record? He showed me how to do it and I started recording from home.

Do you feel more pressure when there’s other people around you recording?

At certain times yeah. I recorded around my team before. I’ve been recoding by myself for years so when other people are around, I get nervous cause they hear my process. If I hit a note wrong, I’ll look back at you and say, “damn you really heard that.” 

What I love about Nude is the cover. It’s extremely relatable. There 4 pictures in 1, it includes you brushing your teeth, looking at the refrigerator and being on your phone. Did you make that cover so your audience can relate to you more? 

It was me and my photographer and we chopped it up.  I had an idea of shooting different scenarios and he made it into a collage. When I saw it I said “damn that’s crazy.” With that cover I wanted to showcase the real. Not everyone has chains and cars, but everyone shares the same thing; being human.  

 My favorite song on the album and my favorite song by you is Forever Freestyle. How long did it take to make that song? 

I remember the day I recorded it. I recorded Fooling Around on a Saturday Night the same night. It took me a couple days. 

What’s next for you? Are you going to release anything before the year is up? 

I want to tell y’all so bad. My team even gets mad because I don’t tell them. I have this plan in my head. Even through life I’ll have a raw ass plan and it just crumble. I’m going stay slight until it’s time. You’re definitely going to see some content. 

What You Expect?