What You Expect Sits Down With R-T-A

I noticed the two music videos you have are funny, entertaining, and laid back. Was that your goal when you were making music? 

Not really my dream music was ballets and boring. With time I realized I like comedy and I put both together. Sometimes I go too far out when I think about visuals. But I try to create content that’s PG-13, so everyone can see it. 

What do you mean too far out? Do you have ideas in your head that are better off not seen? 

Yeah. Trying to find people who are in the same creative wave that you are can be tough; so I have to compromise. 

Other than an artist having a great personality and being funny, what else do you look for? 

Creativity. I’m not too picky, I don’t want to judge an artist because everyone has a way to express themselves. I love to work with people who are creative and not afraid to embarrass themselves. 

Where are you from?

Dominican Republic 

Tell us about your childhood, was music a big part of it? 

Music wasn’t that much of an influence at home. My father was a bass player and when I was 10 he gave me an organ. I had to learn how to play it by myself. I would replicate songs from the radio. 

When did you come to America? 

I was 13.

When you get to the country and you start singing, was that your way of communicating with people? 

No, I was actually very shy and embarrassed. People picked on me throughout school because they were jealous of me. 

Were you ever depressed growing up or were you too busy to be depressed because your mind was thinking about the next thing? 

I can’t say I wasn’t depressed as a look back at it. I was sad because I didn’t have that support. The only support I had was from my teachers and that was all I needed. It does feel bad going home and having nobody to talk to, nobody asking you how your day ways.  

You took a break from music for a little bit. When you hop back into it did pick up where you left off or do you make a whole new image? 

I created my own style. People would say I sound like this or that and I appreciate it but I just do me. Being free to share what I am. 

You’re focused on creating great energy and a great atmosphere with your music. Although, your story is so inspirational. Would you ever pour out your emotions into a song?   

It’s so hard for me to express my pain or emotions. I’m not saying I never wrote them; I wrote some crazy stuff. When I write I channel other people and other artists who would write those songs. 

Is it uncomfortable to talk about your problems now due to you never expressed them growing up?

It’s very uncomfortable. It’s hard to express it publicly. I also feel vulnerable. I hold back a lot of experiences from my life because there’s not a lot of people that can relate to me.

Do you think you would have been happier in DR? 

No. I would have the same belief system I did when I was there. Artists do not make any money; they don’t go anywhere.

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