Syo Talks ‘Table Manners’ EP, Mental Health w/ Lowkey R&B

Houston’s own Syo has aspirations to ascend to greater heights, and he tells his story with his newest EP Table Manners. As one of R&B’s fresh new faces, the project serves as a great launching point to land on new ears.

Table Manners is a multi-layered journey centered around the idea of comparison and wanting what others have solely based on perception. Throughout the project, Syo compares the idea to looking at someone else’s plate and comparing who has what. He strongly uses the concept of food as a metaphor for many different struggles. Overall, Table Manners is about reflection and learning to appreciate what’s on your plate.

A standout track on the EP is “Snack.” The song is an intimate story of wanting more from the one you love. Throughout the project, Syo stamps his unique style of R&B on each track as he draws his influences ranging from Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar, to Outkast, Sade, and Lil Wayne.

The project takes listeners through a rollercoaster yet smooth ride of emotions. For those aiming for a refreshing sound, you are in for a treat. The sky’s the limit for the R&B crooner, as each release is more intimate and personal than the last.

Check out our full interview with Syo below.