PinkPantheress Releases “to hell with it” Album

Aye man this music is wavy, I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to call this genre of music but it’s fire. What kind of started off as a meme of sorts on Twitter has led many people to the mysterious artist named PinkPantheress. I don’t remember the last time an artist has gained this much traction without us knowing much about her.

From what I was able to gather, she’s a UK producer/songwriter in her early twenties. It’s kind of a breath of fresh air, not that I favor artists who keep a level of anonymity.. but it’s definitely different than the status quo.

We’re keeping it a buck though, while I really enjoy the throwback aesthetic and production of the music… it’s only a ten minute project. “to hell with it” is extremely short and stays in the world that PinkPantheress has done well to create. At this rate she’s gonna have to put out seven albums just to have enough music for a full concert set.

This music is what I would describe as an acquired taste, you have to already enjoy a certain pocket of music to truly appreciate the music she creates. I can’t really connect an artist or song that reminds me of her music but it’s definitely reminiscent of the aesthetic established in certain tv shows (“Saved by the Bell” type, thinks 90s/early 2000s).

With that being said, one thing I noticed after listening to Pinkpantheress’ music is that for some reason is that I can’t hang on to a single word she says. The production takes over on the entire project. The production will have you thinking about your favorite childhood shows and memories. I felt this way a couple of years ago when I first came across Playboi Carti’s early work.

Strong production, very catchy melodies, and average lyrics. But hey, who really cares about lyrics all the time? Sometimes we want to just hear wavy music that puts us in a certain mood, and both PinkPantheress and Playboi Carti do that extremely well for many. This is music, does it sound good sonically or not? Thankfully, we don’t need every artist to tackle every single world issue in every song.

Good music should evoke a feeling, and I can’t lie.. PinkPantheress music does resonate despite me not being able to recite a single lyric. But that’s the beauty of it. No one knows what is means, but it’s provocative… it gets the people going.