Meek Mill Is Back With New EP ‘Quarantine Pack’

Meek Mill is back in the news for some situations happening in his own city. Meek Mill has had a quiet 2019 and 2020 as he’s been cooking up new music for his upcoming album. He’s taking his time with this latest project because Meek Mill is a top tier musical artist. His critically acclaimed album Championships sold over 200K units in its first week. Outside of music, we’ve seen Meek level up in numerous ways: we see him rubbing elbows with billionaires and closing brand deals. It is a far cry from what we saw from Meek at the beginning of his career. Give a lot of credit to Meek, but also to his rap OGs like Rick Ross and Hov, who I’m sure helped him become the man he is today.

That leads me to a greater point that must be said about the recent news regarding rappers. As a culture, we need our young rappers to be able to be afforded the opportunity to grow that Meek had. We wouldn’t be able to see Meek level up if he had left us too soon. Given what’s happened to fellow artists King Von, MO3, Pop Smoke, Juice WRLD, Nipsey Hussle, and many more I just hope we can find solutions so that our entertainers can grow old. As a culture, we need to do what we can to ensure that these artists are given the chance to not only evolve but see the highest form of success they can possibly reach. We’ve been blessed to see the evolution of Meek Mill over the last 10 years. With that being said, let’s get into this new EP from Meek.

1. Middle Of It feat. Vory

Vory is the latest addition to the Dreamchasers roster, back when the Dreamchasers compilation album was being teased Vory appeared on one of the trailers. Meek Mill links back with his main producer Nick Papz, in collaboration with Xander. In typical Meek Mill fashion, he spazzes. This is the Meek that a lot of people enjoy: he’s flexing his jewelry and talking about the bag he’s been getting. Meek’s a veteran, at this point he knows what type of production he’s looking for and what pocket to get into. Vory takes the last minute of the song harmonizing as the beat changes, nothing too crazy but it got the job done. I’m rocking so far.

2. Pain Away feat. Lil Durk

This is my favorite song on the EP. the beat is crazy, with production from Epikh Pro and S1. This is the introspective Meek that he’s grown into over the years. This is definitely something you’re going to vining to on those late-night drives. And who would be a better feature on a song of this nature than Lil Durk? The artist they call “The Voice of the Streets” has been on just about everyone’s song/album this year ranging from Nas to Megan Thee Stallion. The concept of this song is very similar to one of my favorite Meek Mill songs ever, “We Ball” featuring Young Thug. “I just hope the money takes the pain away” is all I needed to hear to know this song was one of them ones. This is elite Meek.

3. GTA feat. 42 Dugg

Meek would make a really great A&R. He’s been known to find younger artists before they hit mainstream. And while 42 Dugg has been heating up, it isn’t his time just yet. I’ve really been enjoying the work Detroit rappers have been putting in all year, and 42 Dugg has probably been the hottest artist out of Detroit all year in my book. The numbers might not reflect that yet but he’s been making his name known all year. Meek hops on a Detroit and does what he does best. This is where getting behind a trend early pays off, Meek has been collaborating with fellow Detroit MC Tee Grizzley for the last 3 years, and because of that, he’s right at home on this Detroit production (I gotta show some love to the Bay Area for pioneering this sound as well). 42 Dugg’s voice is so distinctive, it’s similar to the same feeling I got when I heard Pop Smoke for the first time. He doesn’t sound like anybody else in the game right now and that’s a huge advantage. Meek with a Detroit rapper is undefeated, he’s shooting 100% from the field on this EP and we’re 75% in.

4. Think It’s A Game feat. Vory

Meek links back up with Vory for the final song of this EP. This song has a lengthened Vory feature and it’s very good. I can’t really figure out what Vory is though; he raps and sings on this feature. He’s not really a crooner though, he sounds like he can really sing. It’s almost as if he’s an R&B singer that happens to occasionally rap. Regardless, this song showcases his talents much better than the first song off the EP. He actually reminds me of Bino Rideaux a bit.

Overall, the trumpets on this production make this track sound very grand and important. I’m not crazy about it though. It’s not bad but my expectations for Meek’s music are pretty high. It’s a very big switch up from the previous track GTA featuring 42 Dugg. I actually wish this song would’ve been switched with Pain Away because, in my opinion, it is the peak of this EP.

Overall, I really enjoyed this four-piece from Meek and it only makes me more excited for a full-length project from the Philadelphia MC. I’m definitely keeping 3 out of the 4 songs in my rotation. The bars are still as sharp, and Meek has proven he can still give you Richard Millie bars while also still being introspective and vulnerable. The Quarantine Pack covers that in 4 songs with the highlight of the EP being Pain Away featuring Lil Durk.

Meek Mill’s Quarantine Pack EP is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

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