Toni T.: The Making Of Her Debut “Because Of You”

toni t. because of you artwork

Toni T. is coming for everything in 2023. The R&B singer made her debut last year with the love-stricken ballad “Because Of You,” a song that takes a deep dive into a summer romance gone wrong. “I’m here because of you/Upset and miserable/Counting the days/Till I get over you,” she sings in the song’s chorus. She told Lowkey R&B how “Because Of You” really came about. 

“‘Because Of You’ started from like a summer l love experience. One of those short term, like, ‘We’re not going to be serious. Let’s just get to know each other.’  And then you really, like, fall for that person who really enjoy them,” she explained. “ And you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, okay, didn’t expect this, right? ‘Don’t like it, but we’re going to roll with it. And I did. And then I got ran over and and so it was really hard.”

While the song comes from an honest reflection of her own experience, the feature, rapper J$PH, flips it to the male perspective. “No more poker face I’m only dealing in truth/ Lay my cards on the table the choice is for you to choose/I broke vows broke promises told lies/Running from myself a master of disguise,” J$PH raps. The singer was friends with J$PH long before “Because Of You” was released and reminisced on how he inspired her to take on music full-time.

“At the beginning of [2022] when I finally committed to being a singer songwriter, Toni T., I was like, it’s only right to do and release my first song with J$PH,” she said. “He was the first person that I ever paired with and not only believed in me, but encouraged me and just helped me tap into my skill and my talent more and more.”

Although “Because Of You” is the Pawtucket, R.I. native’s official debut, this is not her first go-around in showcasing her talents. She humbly chatted about how she was in the Maverick City Music choir tour along with Kirk Franklin and how her sister motivated her to apply. “The first two days were auditions, and then the third day was for those who made it,” she explained. “My sister hooked it up by just informing me and just kind of getting me on the ball. Then once we did the auditions, it was a go and the experience has been like no other.” 

Although the singer hails from the smallest state, she’s one to look out in terms of who’s next. 

“Because Of You” is available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the track here and our full interview with Toni T. below: