Dende ’95 Civic Tour: Concert Review

Dende 95 Civic Tour (2023)
Photo Credit: Kevin Rawls

Traveling around the states, making stops in Chicago, NYC, and more, the hometown hero Dende made a lasting impression on new and old fans alike. As the tour came to an end, the last stop was none other than Houston, TX. As fans began to pack into the warehouse live venue the rumbles of excitement began to erupt.

Dende // Photo Credit: Kevin Rawls

As the amazing openers Seth Sutch and Alessandra along with other performers ripped the stage apart the anticipation continued to grow. The building started to ring as the crowd cheered “Dende!, Dende!, Dende!” awaiting the hometown favorite to hit the stage. Bringing the show in with a few soon to be classics such as “Block me”, “Phone number”, and “Swerve” the crowd sung along with every word. Taking a short intermission to make an outfit change, The singer brought out a spectacular vocalist by the name of Erykah Officer. She performed a few singles of her own along with a beautiful duet with Dende from his most recent EP “Before We Crash.” As the concert  came to a close, the crowd cheered and applauded clearly wanting an encore. Dende returned to the stage and gave the audience what they wanted performing a few more of his hits. If this tour makes a stop in your city you should be sure not to miss it. The vocals, performances and tour set up were enjoyable and it was a night to remember!