Clide Opens Up About His Inspiration for Making Music, Songwriting and Performing Live

Clide I want to start off by saying I love “Broken Parts”. It sounds like it can be a hit on the radio. When I first heard the song I thought of Ed Sheeran; has anyone told you that? 

One friend of mine actually told me that. When my friend said it sounds like Ed Sheeran I laughed and said “okay.” 

That wasn’t your inspiration for the song? 

No, we were in a session with three producers and it just happened really fast and it felt good. 

Was the song about someone?

To be honest, the emotion was really there, but it felt like it was a combination of many experiences. So, we wrote the story and there were many pictures going through our head. We kind of built the song and it felt very natural to me. It wasn’t a story I can apply to one specific person in my life. It felt very real. 

Broken Parts.png

Do your songs feel natural and real after you record it? 

Usually all my songs come from a real place. It’s either a real experience or it’s just a feeling I’m trying to express. It’s very important to me that it’s the real me. When I hear the song, I hear if there’s a spark. 

You’re from Germany, but when I listen to your songs I don’t detect a German accent. Is that on purpose or is that how you sing? 

No that’s how I sing. My dad is American, I’m half American.

Where is he from?     

He’s from Boston originally. He used to live in New York. 

Were you born in America? 

I was born in Germany and I lived all my life in Berlin. I’ll visit my dad once a year for a couple of weeks, but I grew up here. 

How do you feel about America? 

I love it to be honest. I’m happy here in Berlin, but I totally imagine myself moving there. Every time I’m there it’s a great time to me. I love New York City. 

Is your dream to perform at some of the clubs in America? 

I never got into performing. I performed here at some of the venues in Berlin. I’m focused on recording music, producing and writing songs. It seems far away, but I’m very excited to start going on stage and performing.

Has COVID-19 set you back? 

I have the mindset that everything happens for a reason. We were going to fly to New York and LA in March to have some sessions and meet people. It got cancelled because of COVID. It was a setback, but I told myself “Stay in Berlin and be even better the next time you go there.” 

Are you more inspired by German artists or American artists? 

Totally American artists. 

You said you were producing at 16 and started to write at 17? 

Yeah, my first songs I wrote when I was 17, but I picked up my phone and started doing some EDM stuff on my phone. 

What started that transition to producing to writing and singing? 

There was one point when I was doing EDM instrumentals and it was cool, but when you sing you have more opportunities. I recorded myself on one song and I wasn’t confident about my singing. I showed it to my brother and friends and they said “this is cool, you should go for it.” That built my confidence and got me into writing songs because there’s so much I love about music. 

The first song you recorded, did you release it or was it just practice? 

I planned on releasing it because when I did I felt like it was incredible and I should drop it right now. I think I posted it on SoundCloud. I’m happy I didn’t release it, because looking back it wasn’t the greatest song. 

What made the song so bad? 

Well I felt like my vocals weren’t the best. I recorded it on my phone and I produced it by myself. Back then I didn’t know anything about production. I don’t think it’s super bad, but it’s not as good as it can be. 

How long does it take to write a song like “Broken Parts”

It really depends man, this one took four hours. We were in session and I wrote it. Sometimes I sit on a song for a week or two weeks. 

What is your writing process? 

It’s so different. Sometimes I tell myself “let’s write a song right now.” The thing is you never know if it’s going to turn out great. Sometimes I have an inspired moment, then I know I have to do something about it. 

Talk to me more about playing the piano. Do you get bored and start playing it?  

Playing the piano is the thing that I like when I have nothing to do. I get board of my own stuff because I feel like I’m not getting creative. Sometimes it’s an idea or a vibe I am catching. 

Do you feel like music helped your mental state? 

That’s a good question because I feel like I can let go of my feelings through music. I don’t talk about my feelings with anyone else. I’m a happy person, but I love signing sad songs because I let go of these thoughts. 


Do you have songs dedicated to a woman you fell in love with or a woman that you think about? 

All the time man. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t write love songs anymore because I do too much. It’s the best way to process thoughts. Most of the songs I write about are one kind of relationship. Could be a friend or anyone. 

Have you got your heartbroken before? 

Yeah, I did.  

Do you think about that moment when you write some of your songs? 

Yes, I do. Right now, I’m happy because I’m not heartbroken right now. It’s been a while, when I try to get in a mood to write a song about having a broken heart I try to get back in that state [of what it felt like.] 

When was that relationship; when did you guys break up? 

The last time I was in a relationship was one and a half years ago.

Did she breakup with you? 

Yeah, she did. 

Why is that? I don’t want to get too personal but what happened? You’re about to be this huge star. 

I feel like it went too fast and she wasn’t ready. I understand looking back, but back then it was a huge deal for me. 

That’s the motivation, every song is about someone? 

Some songs are about myself, but most of my songs are about someone. 

What songs are about yourself? 

I’m planning on releasing something. Have you heard the “Lost” song? That one was about myself. I was feeling lost man. A lot of outside influences crashing in and going by the wind and not taking control. 

Musically what’s coming up next, is it more singles, a project? 

I do have a project coming up, an EP. There’s no certain release date, but we’re going to keep releasing singles. There are two more singles before the EP drops. We don’t know when the EP is coming out, but the songs are ready. We’re going to shoot some music videos to get some promo too. 

Who’s your advisor when it comes to music? 

Well I’m working with a manager and we’re really close. He’s been a mentor and advisor of what to do and what not to do. I have full creative control of my projects. 

What is your favorite single? 

I feel like “Broken Parts.” It’s a tough question because I feel like I have a close connection with every song. “Fallin” is very special to me just because it’s very personal. “Lost,” I love the vibe. 

It seemed you was really excited when “Fallin” came out. It seemed like you were the happiest when that was released. Did you put the most time and effort into that one? 

I wrote the song one and a half years ago and it was on my computer for such a long time. I produced it twice with two different producers. It took a while and it was such a personal song for me. I waited a long time to release music again. I’m really happy to share music again. 


For a song you love so much it’s crazy it was on your computer for two years. 

Yeah that’s the crazy thing, I hope it doesn’t happen anymore. On the upcoming EP, I think two more songs are about two years old. We’re finishing all the stuff and it’s a great feeling and a big relief. 

Are you more comfortable writing music in your room or in a studio with other people? 

I think I’m more comfortable writing in my room, but writing in the studio with other people can turn out amazing. You just never know what’s going to happen, you get pushed out of your comfort zone and write songs you wouldn’t have written on your own and that’s amazing. 

Do you criticize your own music? 

Yeah kind of. It may be a bad thing. Before I put the song out I’m listening to every detail. 

Why is your song called “Broken Parts”? 

I don’t even know. I feel like it’s called that because it’s not destined to work out. It was always there I could have changed it. 

Have you ever teared up writing these songs?

Yeah, I do, sometimes it takes me back there. If you hear the song a hundred times you lose the sense. But the first time it hits you.  

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