Lowkey R&B Speaks With Teenear

I got a chance to sit down with singer/songwriter Teenear from Slip N Slide Records and talk about her newest releases, inspirations from her songwriting, and future projects.

Autumn: So when did you decide that you wanted to pursue music as your career?

Teenear: I remember there was a time in junior high at the time and I just loved arts and entertaining people but I didn’t make any decision on what I wanted to do. I just remember there was a moment where every girl in my school was obsessed with Justin Bieber…I was like who is this kid I have to go look him up and so I did and fell in love with his instruments. I went home and sat on my bed and I did it. I think just that process of creating something that was my first time ever trying to do really sparked something in me.

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Autumn: One of your first songs, Friday Night ft. Sage The Gemini, from where you were at that point and where you are now, how have you evolved as an artist?

Teenear: I’ve just grown up more and learned more about myself and I’m putting more of myself in everything that I do.

Autumn: How would you describe your creative process?

Teenear: I’ve never been the type to have a setting. You know those types of people that need to have special food, or drink, in the studio with them? For me, when I’m in the studio I just want the lights off.

Autumn: How would you describe your motivation behind your song Free?

Teenear: That song I had actually recorded a whole year ago. It had come from a place of me just wanting to take myself out of a toxic situation that was holding me back.

Autumn: Did anything, in particular, inspire you to write Special Attention?

Teenear: It was really just a song that everyone could relate to, vibe with. It just made me feel feminine, empowered, that I could express what I wanted to feel.

Autumn: Pink Elephant collab featured some dope nails promoting Special Attention, are there any other businesses you would like to partner with?

Teenear: I was talking to my team and I definitely want this year to be the year of collaboration for me.

Autumn: Are there any people you look to for inspiration?

Teenear: I’ve always looked at Beyoncé and Michael Jackson because I love their music and they took their careers into something incredible and made a brand for themselves and that’s my ultimate goal at the end of the day.

Autumn: How was it like working with Lil Baby and Sage The Gemini? Who would you want to collab with in the future?

Teenear: I didn’t work with Lil Baby in the studio but he was able to get his track back to my team in literally two days. I was super happy and grateful for that because he’s such a big artist and for him to stop what he was doing and send it I was super grateful. But, with Sage The Gemini I was able to actually work with him and he was incredible as well. He’s such a good person and a great artist.

Autumn: Has there ever been a time where you wanted to stop doing music?

Teenear: Right before quarantine hit, I put out my song Come See Me. I was freaking out how am I supposed to market this song, promote it [with the pandemic]. I had to take a moment and gather myself and remember why I started this all in the first place.

Autumn: [Come See Me] What would have been an ideal situation for this record?

Teenear: A month later I was going to come out with my EP and do radio tours.

Autumn: How do you feel RnB is going? Would you categorize yourself as an RnB artist?

Teenear: Coming out people were always putting me as an RnB artist but my first records were all Pop. I do love RnB but I don’t want to be put in a box.

Autumn: If you had to describe your sound how would you describe it?

Teenear: Urban rhythmic pop? If that is a thing? [laughs]

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