Lowkey R&B Presents IV4

The St. Louis-born, Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and model IV4 is undeniably a 1 of 1. Part of that is the way she flirts with pop, sidles up to R&B, and links arms with hip-hop, combining those familiar feels into a fresh take on the modern soundscape.

Part of it is in the way she draws raw vulnerability and expression from the various flavors of rock she grew up on. But mostly, it’s that IV4 is an artist whose entire presence—aural, visual, and beyond—is rich with emotional hues.

IV4 recently dropped her debut mixtape, Get Rich And Cry Trying. A versatile set of songs that explores the trials and triumphs of a young lover and creator.

IV4’s latest offering is a shimmering reflection of the artist herself. She shifts gears with ease, from intentionally cold-hearted flexes dressed up as sensual R&B to introspective forays into her emotional depth set to bouncing drums and bass.

Throughout the project, there’s the push and pull of independence and infatuation. IV4 proves that she’s set on continuing to evolve, packing every release full of her thoughtful emotions, unmistakable sense of cool, and unforgettable imagery.

Let’s talk about your latest project Get Rich And Cry Trying. Can you explain your inspiration behind it and the title?

Get Rich And Cry Trying has been my mindset and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that. Throughout this entire process, it’s been a trying and emotional journey.

I feel like the music really expresses that. It was a lot of music that I was very passionate about and put my whole heart into. You’ve heard “get rich or die trying” and I felt that way with R&B. It’s R&B, but it’s a little to the left. Alternative, but something that’s specifically me.

Has the mantra always been your mindset or did it come recently?

The mantra is more recent. I signed my deal late 2019 and that’s when COVID hit. It was a very trying process not just career wise, but emotionally too.

I had to put faith in myself to continue to back my music career and find love in something that people weren’t going to see in who knows how long. I love it just as much as I did the first day. I feel like the mantra stands true.

Describe your songwriting process. Specifically for this project.

It’s different. There’s not really one formula that works every time or for everyone. Sometimes I’ll write something down that I see or an idea that I had and build on it when I hear the right beat. Other times I’ll hear the music and write in accordance to that. It’s kind of random, but whatever feels right.

How did the visual concept for “Can’t Find Love in L.A.” come about?

I really wanted to get into the Hollywood theme. The song feels like 80’s Hollywood. When I was creating the song it was giving me big visual ideas, so I wanted to have a big fight scene. I wanted extras, sets, and props giving the full experience, but also having the meaning behind it. Turning myself into a hitman to take out those who broke your heart. The song is all about love and I wanted to give an obsession twist in the visual aspect.

Are you a Kill Bill fan? The video reminds of the film mixed with Harley Quinn.

Definitely inspired by Kill Bill. It’s an incredible film and I love Quentin Tarantino. I’m not as talented as Uma Thurman with the acting and fighting, but I gave it my best. It definitely reached a lot of people’s mind as a Kill Bill theme so I’m glad we’ve accomplished that.

What do you wish for people to feel when they listen to the project?

I just hope people feel. That’s the main thing. Whatever emotion they’re taking away from it I hope they can relate to it because I put 100% emotion into every song. I hope people can see the consistency and the amount of work my team and I put into this.

What was the hardest part creating Get Rich And Cry Trying?

The entire process was smooth going, but it took a long time for the “Can’t Find Love In L.A.” video. It was a 17-hour shoot. The hardest part beyond the tiring video-shoots was picking the collection of songs that I felt embodied my message. I have hundreds of songs.

I have a huge catalog from working through COVID and working nonstop everyday before I signed my record-deal to Warner. I’m creating songs every day and narrowing it down to eight songs was probably the most trying time.

You have a collab with Jeremih on “Stroke”. Who do you wish to collab with in the future?

I absolutely love R&B. Ginuwine, Pretty Ricky. I would love to have tons of R&B features. If I ever do a deluxe for I would to put The Weeknd on “Can’t Find Love in L.A” remix. I definitely feel like that’s his area. Doja Cat shouted me out for “Stroke.” She really enjoyed the song so I would love to see her on that as well.

Where can we follow you for updates on new music?

You can find me on any streaming platform or any of my socials @ivthe4.

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