LÉA THE LEOX Helps Others Find Their ‘Purpose’ On Debut EP: INTERVIEW

LÉA THE LEOX Purpose cover art

LÉA THE LEOX has made her official mark with her debut EP Purpose. The six-track solo effort shows the artist experiencing a complicated love, moving across the country, and finding her purpose. In the opening track,  LÉA THE LEOX croons over an acoustic beat as she describes the issues she has with a past partner. She details how they’re lack of curiosity about her mind and they’re interest solely on her physical appearance has caused her to want to end the relationship.

“You just wanna get inside / But you never wanna / Hear what’s on my mind / You only think about yourself / And that’s fine / Just don’t call me when / Don’t call me when / You wanna get inside,” she sings on “When You’re Lonely.” 

On “Topanga Blues,” the Massachusetts native has her eyes set on the Sunshine State where she currently resides.  On the second track she explains that while the change is hard, she realizes its where she needs to be. 

“Here where it’s warm in the winter/Stars die for something bigger/winds blow through my window/To dry the tears on my pillow,” she sings.

Just as the theme of purpose is sprinkled throughout the project, LÉA THE LEOX ends her documented musical journey with “Purpose.”

“My daddy thinks I’m perfect/My friends think I deserve the world/My mother says I’m worth it/ I’m just tryna to find my purpose,” she sings.

“It was more the I’m struggling with all of these things and I’m looking for validation in other people and trying to figure out what have other people give me an answer for what I’m here on this earth to do,” she said of the title track.  “But at the end of the day, I have my parents and my family and I know they love me and that’s all I need. All I need is to feel loved and then I can go on with the rest of my life instead of, you know, looking for an answer in just why I’m here. I have my answer in my family.  I’m here to love people and for people to love me and to experience life with people.” 

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