Kissie Lee Explains to Lowkey R&B It’s “Always Something” In New

Kissie Lee has been booked and busy and while she travels on her road to success she released a high energy “hate that I love you” -esque track, “Always Something.” “Always Something” will be the lead single to her My Toxic Love EP that is out Friday (Feb. 25). “Always Something” and My Toxic Love follows her My Love and Kiss N’ Tell projects both released in 2021.

AH: When did you decide that you wanted to start making music?

KL: I started singing and doing theater in Colorado when I was six years old. I didn’t realize when I was younger if I was in a small city or not so when I went to high school and later applied to Clark Atlanta, I started hearing about the music industry there.

AH: Let’s talk about your latest single, “Always Something”, can you explain your inspiration behind the track?

KL: It’s always something, literally! In one of the relationships that I was in and I kept finding things out. It could be a phone open here and there etc…

AH: You’re the writer for “Always Something,” can you explain the writing process for the song? 

KL: I learned from a lot of veteran producers (Tricky Stewart, etc.) that they always say people will remember the hook so I try to keep that in mind when I’m writing. They say I’m a songwriter like people love pizza. Everybody loves pizza (laughs)

AH: What is your favorite lyric or verse from “Always Something”?

KL: On the second verse I sing “My friends ask why did you stay for?” Just that dumb love (laughs)

AH: You’ve been very busy and we’re going to get into that. Last year you released projects My Love and Kiss N’ Tell, and now this single “Always Something” will be a part of your upcoming project My Toxic Love, what can fans expect from this project?

KL: I’m really just trying to lock in my sound of what I know that my supporters have been gravitating towards. I’m finding my tribe now and I just want to lock in my sound.

AH: Where can we follow you to keep up with the release of My Toxic Love and stream “Always Something” while we wait?

KL: You can stream “Always Something” on every streaming platform along with the music video on YouTube. Be sure to check out my mixtape DJ Five Venoms I released last year and My Toxic Love comes out Friday (Feb. 25.).

Watch the full interview to learn about her experience performing at Rolling Loud, songwriting for Keke Wyatt, and her “Sheesh” collab with Lightskin Kiesha below:

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